Maine South senior reflects on D207 summer internship

  • Lillian Niziolek

    Lillian Niziolek Courtesy of Maine Township High School District 207

Posted8/27/2021 1:54 PM

As a rising senior at Maine South High School, I am extremely excited for the 2021-22 school year and what it will bring.

However, postsecondary education is getting closer and closer, and many questions race through my head. What colleges should I apply to? Will I get in at my top choice schools? What school is the best fit for me?


At the end of my junior year, the application process seemed even more daunting for me, as I was unsure of what I wanted to study. Although there is always an option to go in undecided, I want to pick a school that has a good program for my passions.

I pondered my interests. I have been an active member of the school newspaper, Southwords, and will be an editor-in-chief. I am a thespian and have always enjoyed English classes more than math classes. I enjoy writing, problem solving, planning, and working with others. Therefore, I thought about a job in public relations, communications, or marketing.

Contemplating my interests and possible career paths, I recognized that it would be beneficial to dive a little deeper and get some real world experience. Therefore, I decided to work as a communications intern in the Maine Township High School District 207 office with Mr. Brett Clark, the district's director of communications, this summer.

Due to my eight weeks as an intern, I now better understand what a position similar to Mr. Clark's does on a daily basis. Throughout the summer, I have been exposed to a variety of experiences and have learned many new things.

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Every day consisted of something slightly different. I was always busy, whether working on a project, writing up a news release or social media post, looking through/organizing news archives, or going out and photographing the construction projects at the schools.

This hands-on experience was perfectly partnered with having Mr. Clark as my mentor throughout the whole summer. He made sure to answer all my questions and gave me advice when I asked for it. It was both valuable and interesting to hear another perspective on some of my questions about life after high school, especially since he has a job in a field I am interested in.

This opportunity allowed me to experience one of my interests with greater depth, and it opened my eyes to what someone who works in the field of communications might actually do. I really enjoyed the work I was doing throughout the summer, and I am glad to have been given this opportunity.

I believe it has been a catalyst in solidifying communications as a potential path that I want to pursue in and after college.

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