School of Rock Glenbrook to launch virtual grand opening and remote learning program

  • Regional Director of Operations & Guitar/Bass Instructor Adam Instefjord teaches a remote guitar lesson to School of Rock student Sela Snyder.

    Regional Director of Operations & Guitar/Bass Instructor Adam Instefjord teaches a remote guitar lesson to School of Rock student Sela Snyder. Courtesy of Jennifer Cunningham

Submitted by Amy Renzulli
Updated 4/24/2020 12:05 AM

School of Rock, the leader in performance-based music education, recently launched virtual, one-on-one music lessons for its 40,000 students around the world through its School of Rock Remote program. The School of Rock Glenbrook team is excited for the opportunity to explore the world of music from a virtual platform and are finding creative ways to help students stay busy, connected, and playing music during a time of social distancing and uncertainty.

When owner Amy Renzulli and her team decided to open the School of Rock Glenbrook in Northbrook, little did they know that construction would wrap up during a global pandemic. The team currently operates the world's largest School of Rock, located in Oak Park. Opening in Northbrook was a way to expand the opportunities for employees that helped build the Oak Park School and employ even more musicians. They have decided to carry on and move forward with a virtual opening with the goal of helping families find meaningful educational experiences for their homebound children and teens.


School of Rock locations nationwide recently launched School of Rock Remote, a new online instruction option that gives kids and families the opportunity to continue their School of Rock education from home until they can return to the school for group rehearsals. The Remote program combines the use of a safe, secure platform combined with the patent-pending School of Rock Digital App to allow students to continue to take one-on-one lessons and interact with their teachers without disruption. The Virtual Programs emphasize student safety by using the Zoom platform, a private, password-protected application for exclusive content and instruction.

Launching May 1, 2020, School of Rock Glenbrook will open with the School of Rock Remote & Virtual Music Masterclasses. The Virtual Program works as a companion to the recently launched School of Rock Method, a revolutionary App that is an interactive and exclusive practice tool that puts more than 1,000 copyrighted songs at the fingertips of School of Rock students and instructors. The App features exclusive access to sheet music and creative interactive exercises for our teachers to assign, review and give feedback. Combined, School of Rock Remote, the Method App and Virtual Workshops will give School of Rock students an opportunity to keep doing something they love, while battling isolation and boredom. These options are easy, fun and the next best thing to spending time with instructors, friends and bandmates. School of Rock Glenbrook is even offering a course where kids will write and record their own music that will be recorded on a vinyl album -- from beginners to advanced players, there is something for everyone.

Parent of a School of Rock student Michelle Cohen states, "I'm so grateful to School of Rock for keeping the music going for my son during the Coronavirus. Being able to play is such an important part of his life, and in the midst of so much uncertainty and upheaval to be able to see his beloved bass teacher and connect with his fellow musicians online has been a real lifesaver!" Cohen goes on to say "The speed that School of Rock got their virtual lessons up and running was truly amazing. And the positive impact it has had on my son and our greater community cannot be overstated. I feel so much gratitude that people who truly care are looking out for my son! Thank you School of Rock!"

"We are all wondering how long this will last and how will we get through the day -- find some joy, find a connection with others?," says owner Amy Renzulli. "Our lesson rooms and stages are empty, but we are making real, meaningful connections using technology. When a favorite, beloved teacher appears on a student's screen, they light up. We need them as much as they need us," Renzulli adds. "We are in the midst of opening the new location and it is challenging as we don't have the deep relationships that we have in Oak Park. But at the same time, there are more opportunities than ever to connect online, share our story and build relationships, so we are optimistic about our future in both Oak Park and in Northbrook."

"Some families have kids that thrive in sports, my kids thrive in music. School of Rock is our travel sport. They've learned the importance and discipline of practicing every day. They know they're expected to show up to rehearsals prepared. They don't want to disappoint their bandmates and want to put on a great show. Both of my kids are shy and prefer to be in the background so seeing them get on a stage in front of a crowd, conquering their shyness, doing what they love, makes me tear up every time! School of Rock is helping my kids grow into people that know how to show up prepared, how to take a critique, have high expectations for themselves and their peers, and how to help out a bandmate that's struggling. All important life skills," says Jennifer Cunningham, mother of two School of Rock students.

School of Rock Glenbrook is here, open virtually and ready to help you start your journey into music. Contact us at or give us a call at (708) 298-0002 to schedule your free virtual trial lesson today.

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