Local video producers offer solutions during COVID-19 disruption

Submitted by Jim Mitchell
Updated 3/30/2020 10:14 PM

Lorelle Communications, an Arlington Heights-based video production services company, is reaching out to area corporations to offer practical solutions to business disruptions being caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

With a national reputation based on several decades of video production services, founder Kevin Corcoran is encouraging business owners and managers to use video solutions to stem the tide of a growing economic downturn.


"Though few of us have seen an event create such an immediate and deep impact on business operations, the good news is that technology to tackle the disruptions has never been more robust, accessible and affordable," said Corcoran. "While companies face travel restrictions, office closures, cancelled trade shows and impediments to training programs, not all activities need to come to a complete stop. A good quality video provider can keep internal employee communications and business to business contact moving at a significant level."

Like Corcoran, David Beedy of Beedy Media has also been busy providing creative solutions as companies initiate work from home policies and establish new means of staying connected to clients.

"While social communication and some peer-to-peer business activity like meetings can rely on standard video meeting platforms, crucial employee communication and business functions are looking for higher-quality video solutions," Beedy said. "Image and quality matter in many cases. When C-level executives are reaching hundreds or thousands of employees or talking to peers on major business deals, distorted images and intermittent sound simply aren't sufficient."

The good news according to both professionals, who have known each other since attending Maine West High School together, is that even the highest-level quality is far more affordable than it was ten or even five years ago. Because of advances in technology, both companies can operate efficiently even in the current health lockdown.

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"We operate very compact packages of equipment which often feature remote control cameras and highly directional microphones," said Corcoran. His company produces events like the Arlington Heights Village Board meetings with his specialized gear, meaning he can do a multi-camera shoot with excellent sound with virtually no additional crew and still have the people in the program maintain safe social distancing.

For his part Beedy is utilizing drone technology to capture footage with limited impact on a site and in some cases is having clients send him video they have shot, which he can then enhance and package in his editing suite to take it above a basic quality production.

"While the coronavirus situation has presented a new set of challenges, smart business leaders are jumping on board to use video services to keep information flowing," Corcoran said. He cites examples of companies that have lost the opportunity to see clients face to face at annual trade shows, industries that require continuing education credits and companies with large workforces that must now adapt to working at home as problems that can be solved with video services.

Corcoran noted that in the past, transmission costs made this type of communication cost-prohibitive, but with internet providers in abundance, the most significant cost of video communications has been all but eliminated.


"Everything is portable, scalable and affordable. Smart business leaders are going to see the value of the video solution and stay relevant and successful during this very unpredictable time," said Corcoran.

Both he and Beedy suggested that struggling businesses look at new options provided by government stimulus packages to secure funding to help keep businesses stay afloat and begin building for a strong return.

"This will be a time of change for many businesses," said Beedy. "We are ready to assist in helping owners meet the needs of employees and clients. In the end, we are all going to be stronger for it."

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