Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Advances its Neurological Care with Clinic Relocation and Latest Cancer Treatment Technology

  • Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Brain and Spine Institute Clinic

    Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Brain and Spine Institute Clinic

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
Updated 2/10/2020 7:42 AM

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital continues to expand its neurological services in the northern Chicagoland area with the relocation of its Brain and Spine Institute Clinic into a new 5,700-square-foot facility. The move from the main hospital to the Center for Advanced Care located at 1700 Luther Lane offers patients a comprehensive state-of-the-art clinic space along with conveniently located imaging, diagnostics, and ambulatory therapeutic services all in one place.

The new facility features 12 exam rooms, a new clinic lobby, nurses' station and 12 consultation rooms, increasing the physical capacity of the clinic and improving patient access.


"As a destination program for the neurosciences, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is committed to delivering world-class neurological care to the community," says Dr. Dean Karahalios, neurosurgeon and Medical Director of the Brain and Spine Institute at Advocate Health Care. "The relocation, renovation, and expansion of the clinic helps us deliver on that commitment by bringing our multidisciplinary expertise and technology all under one roof."

The clinic will facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases of the brain (tumors, aneurysms, and stroke), as well as spinal conditions (back pain, herniated discs, stenosis, tumors, and scoliosis).

A team of experienced neurosurgeons and neurologists who are leaders in their fields will provide patients with individualized care plans with a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. Adults diagnosed with brain and spine tumors will received specialized medical care from oncologists using leading-edge treatments, including the latest clinical trials and robotic radiation therapies.

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital features one of the broadest offerings of radiation therapy platforms used to destroy or shrink tumors. The recent addition of Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator delivers faster and more precise treatment without harming surrounding healthy tissue and organs. TrueBeam is used to treat tumors of the head, spine, lung, breast, liver and prostate.

"The addition of TrueBeam radiotherapy has advanced our cancer fighting technology and enabled us to treat even the most challenging cancer cases," says Dr. Arica Hirsch, radiation oncologist at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. "TrueBeam provides several advantages compared to conventional radiation therapy. Patients can heal in fewer sessions and with lower risk of side effects."

All imaging and diagnostic services are performed on the first floor of the facility which is connected to the conveniently located patient parking garage.