Are Dentists Monsters?

  • Dentists are MonstersJoseph Massarelli

    Dentists are MonstersJoseph Massarelli

David Markiewicz
Updated 1/7/2020 2:11 PM

"Dentists are Monsters" is Dr. David Markiewicz's debut children's book. Written by Dr. David and illustrated by Adela Rezna, this story is told through the lens of Tony, a newly erupted tooth in the mouth. Soon after joining the mouth, Tony begins to hear terrifying stories about the dentist from other teeth. For example, is it true that dentists wear masks because, like dragons, they can breathe fire? Eventually, Tony is forced to confront the rumors and visit the dentist himself where he learns dentists are, in fact, not monsters!

Dr. David spent over two years writing and working with illustrators, editors, publishers, and printers to bring you this story. Why did he work so hard to bring Tony's story to life? It is estimated that nearly 75% of all adults and children experience some sort of dental anxiety. Dr. David believes readers (both parents and children) can relate to the anxieties and fears that Tony experiences prior to his dental visit.


Research shows that dental anxiety often leads to missed appointments, which can result in more costly and extensive dental treatment. Dr. David hopes this book reassures readers that it is okay to be scared of the dentist, but simultaneously encourages them to confront those fears and maintain good oral hygiene.

Dr. David Markiewicz is a local dentist who practices with his father, Anthony Markiewicz, in Mundelein, Illinois. In practice, they hope to make uncomfortable and anxious dental visits a thing of the past. Their goal is to change the stigma around dentistry one patient at a time. "Dentists are Monsters" is available for purchase on Amazon.

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