Pokemon Go converge on Grant Park with 4 day event June 13-16 and shiney new rare Pokemon

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    EventChris Gordon

Chris Gordon
Updated 6/10/2019 8:11 AM

The Pokemon Go Fest is an event that combines the fun of the popular mobile AR game, "Pokemon Go," with real world interactivity via physical installations around Chicago's Grant Park and meeting other trainers through event-exclusive activities. There will be 300 acres of walking space for trainers to explore. This will be the third year that the festival returns to Chicago. Last year over 21,000 attendees came to the event, which was held in Lincoln Park. "Last year's Pokémon GO Summer Tour brought hundreds of thousands of Trainers together at real-world events around the world which left us with some truly unforgettable moments and stories," John Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic, Inc. said in a press release. "This summer, we're looking to continue to build upon that success and create even more ways for Trainers to enjoy and interact with these incredible parks and cities and build lasting friendships throughout their journeys of encountering Pokémon in the 'real-world.'"

From the look of the official Pokémon Go Fest: Chicago 2019 image, the Ground-type Pokémon Hippopotas may make its debut at the event - if it doesn't appear before then. Hippopotas along with other Pokémon from the Sinnoh region have yet to be released.


The inclusion of Ralts in the image may signify that its Shiny variant could debut in Pokémon Goduring the special weekend. There's also Pachirisu in the corner, which is a Pokémon that can only be caught in Northern Canada, Russia and Alaska. This rare Pokémon may be a treat for those who attend Pokémon Go Fest: Chicago this year. Last year's Pokémon Go Fest gave attendees access to Torkoal, another region-locked Pokémon.

Trainers who are not attending the real-world events will still be able to participate in Pokémon Go special challenges to work towards a global goal of unlocking rewards for all Trainers.

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