Energize and Empower Your Dialogue with the Universe October 2 in Libertyville

Melissa Schwartz
Updated 9/21/2018 10:25 AM

Do you wake up in the morning with a stream of thoughts bombarding you right off the bat?

Do you then wonder if you have what it takes to meet your day?


What if you could stop the self-defeating banter?

There is a way to feel more able, supported and confident. Any given thought, feeling or question you ask will either fuel or drain your energy. You can choose to move from "fraught" to empowered more easily than you think. From this place, your dialogue with the Universe will come alive and new possibilities will emerge.

Join Sarah Karnes for a powerful evening to:

Discover where your energy is being zapped - or nurtured.

Change your self-talk and stop the energy leaks.

Take home three keys to reclaiming your empowered presence.

Sarah Karnes, life-changes coach for women and creator of the Your Self as Your Friend series, works with clients to help them navigate change and reclaim their energy so they can revel in who they are becoming. With 25 years of experience in personal transformation and the Way of the Heart integration process, Sarah helps participants powerfully realign their life direction with compassion so they may move forward with more joy, vitality and clarity.

Why you should come to this workshop--

Sarah: You are likely giving much of your attention (your life force) to thoughts and stories that diminish your brilliance, inherent goodness and abilities. Changing your life and experiences depends on changing the story you tell yourself. You deserve a kinder way!

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Sue: I strongly believe that the words we choose to use can set our day and are reflected in our life. As Mike Dooley says, "Thoughts become things. Choose wisely!"

Workshop: Energize and EmpowerYour Dialogue with the Universe

Date: October 2, 2018 7PM-9PM

Location: Libertyville Civic Center, 1325 W Church St in Libertyville

Fees: $35

Must Pre-Register, register with The Present Moment: http://www.thepresentmomentinc.com/currentEvents/sarah-karnes-energize.html

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