Letter: Don't take down Station 13 signs

Updated 3/25/2021 5:51 AM

Do not take down your Fire Station #13 signs.

Despite your opposition, despite village trustees thanking you for opinions, do not assume they will change their minds.


They didn't listen to 1,000+ residents who signed a public petition opposing the Drake development or countless others who testified in opposition. President Patterson and four trustees, including Jenny, your next village president, did not listen to the two trustees who voted "no"--Karton and Cooper.

Homeowners have the village in court to stop the project, and trustees are fighting back with every legal move in the book, victory at any cost, especially any cost incurred by the plaintiffs. They didn't listen to homeowners adjacent to the proposed GW Properties Willow-Pfingsten development who opposed village approval. Homeowners took the village to court, won, the village appealed, but the plaintiffs got a hearing on a revised plan and have opposed that. The trustees are likely to approve it. Victory at any cost, especially any cost incurred like those incurred by the plaintiffs.

Do you think trustees are going to keep Fire Station 13 open simply because they heard you? Keep your Fire Station 13 signs in the sun for all to see, through election day, as long as it takes.

Charles Loebbaka


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