Fact or fiction? Time to sort out all the rumors

  • To the absolute delight of Trevor and Rheanna Reusch of Carpentersville, 22-week-old Charlie is safely home thanks to the kindness of a stranger who discovered the lost beagle near the Fox River.

    To the absolute delight of Trevor and Rheanna Reusch of Carpentersville, 22-week-old Charlie is safely home thanks to the kindness of a stranger who discovered the lost beagle near the Fox River.

Published6/29/2008 12:01 AM

Sometimes the rumor mill just plain old runs amok.

Just ask Spring Hill Mall officials. The rumor -- let me repeat, the RUMOR -- that Elgin Community College is buying and taking over the mall has practically turned urban legend.


In fact, it has grown so much that ECC President David Sam has issued a formal statement to clarify that, in fact, the community college is doing no such thing.

"Elgin Community College is not considering the purchase of Spring Hill Mall nor are we moving to this location," the president wrote, going on to cite the upset and uncertainty the rumors are causing.

 He asks members of the community to pass the word: "Elgin Community College has no intention of purchasing Spring Hill Mall and has not engaged in any discussions or negotiations with anyone to that end."

More rumors

Trouble is, some rumors have nine lives.

And some rumors just beget more rumors.

As I researched the latest query about the periodic ECC mall "purchase" from Ray Rochelle of Algonquin, I got an e-mail Friday from a Sleepy Hollow resident who'd heard it's actually Roosevelt University that will be taking over the mall.

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 Not true, Roosevelt spokesman Tom Karow tells me. Neither rumor, neither school. Nor is Judson College in the mix.

In part, the misinformation may stem from the fact that Spring Hill is in the process of refinancing, said West Dundee Village Manager Joe Cavallaro. He notes the mall, owned by General Growth Properties, is held in a real estate trust, which greatly complicates any sort of sale.

Add in the fact that each anchor store owns its own site and other stores have long-term leases, not to mention it would be incredibly expensive and difficult to convert the mall to classroom use.

Sounds like we can put this rumor down.

Charlie's back home

Meet Charlie, lucky Fox Valley traveler extraordinaire.

The 22-week-old beagle is back at his Carpentersville home after a side trip to Huntley that had his family frantically searching everywhere for him.

After the puppy took off from their Carpentersville yard last Monday night, Patti and Ray Reusch and children Trevor, 7, and Rheanna, 5, desperately searched, posted signs and called veterinarians, shelters and police.


Worry that Charlie had encountered a coyote, the river or a thief led Patti to contact me with a plea to run the puppy's picture in hope someone had seen him. As I approached deadline Friday, Patti got a call from a Huntley man who'd just spotted one of her signs. Turns out he'd found Charlie roaming near Otto Engineering, not far from the swollen Fox River, shortly after the puppy took off.

The man said he took the puppy home to keep him safe until he could figure out the owner. When he saw the sign, he called Patti.

"I was thrilled," Patti said, adding that her reaction to his call caused a bit of a commotion at her workplace. She raced to his home as soon as she finished her day and had quite the surprise for son, Trevor, and daughter, Rheanna, Friday night.

Welcome home, Charlie!

What's the buzz?

We're all racing inside at dusk these days, thanks to those pesky mosquitoes. Barring bad weather, Lake in the Hills and Huntley coordinated spraying both towns Saturday night. Do you suppose we can get them to spray the entire Fox Valley?

Stuff it!

So how many of you have checked out the new Golden Corral restaurant on Randall Road in Elgin? Judging from the crowd the other night, I'd say plenty. And, now that I've stuffed my face, I know why so many of you are eagerly waiting for the Algonquin restaurant to open. What's that about "If you build it, they will come?"

Leaving a mark

 Most of you likely didn't know Carl Tomaso. But you'll surely see his impact if you haven't already. The Huntley village manager, whose unexpected death last week left friends, family and colleagues in shock, helped a still-rural community prepare for its eventual role as what will likely be McHenry County's largest community. Roads, infrastructure, boundary agreements and the underpinnings a community needs to handle growth were among the countless details Carl dedicated his days to in a town he loved. He truly made a difference, bringing planning, professionalism and promise of more to come.

The village invites you to share your thoughts about Carl's contributions by sending a note to huntley@huntley.il.us. The village will share them with Carl's family.

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