Lake County Bar Association Publishes Evaluations Of Candidates For Illinois Supreme Court And Illinois Appellate Court, Second District

Updated 6/8/2022 11:06 AM

The Lake County Bar Association has recently completed its review of the candidates for Illinois Supreme Court, Second District, as well as the Illinois Appellate Court, Second District.

Both Second Districts were recently redrawn. Thus, there are no incumbent candidates for either position. The Judicial Selection and Retention Committee of the Lake County Bar Association, the largest bar association for these judicial districts, has been reviewing judicial candidates for over 25 years. The Committee is comprised of 16 experienced attorneys with a wide range of backgrounds and practice areas throughout Lake County, IL. The Committee submitted a questionnaire to all candidates, with a request for an interview and meeting. Following its recent meetings the Committee has made the following findings:


For the Illinois Supreme Court in the Republican Primary:

• Justice Susan F. Hutchinson, Highly Qualified.

• Judge Daniel B. Shanes, Highly Qualified.

For the Illinois Supreme Court in the Democratic Primary:

• Judge Rene Cruz, Highly Qualified.

• Judge Elizabeth Rochford, Highly Qualified.

In the Republican primary for the Supreme Court, Mark Curran and John Noverini did not submit questionnaires nor submit to the interviews by the Committee and are thus found Not Recommended.

In the Democratic primary, Nancy Rotering did not submit a questionnaire or submit to the interview and is thus found Not Recommended.

In the race for the Second District Appellate Court, the Committee made the following findings:

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For the Appellate Court in the Republican Primary:

• Judge Susan Clancy Boles, Highly Qualified.

For the Appellate Court in the Democratic Primary:

• Attorney Michael Cortina, Qualified.

• Judge Chris Kennedy, Highly Qualified.

• Erin Cartwright Weinstein, Not Qualified.

The Lake County Bar Association was founded in 1912 and is headquartered in Waukegan Illinois. The Association has a membership of over 800 individuals. Among other goals, the Association's members seek to foster respect for the administration of law, to increase attorneys' and the public's knowledge of law through continuing legal education, and to uphold the honor and dignity of the legal profession. For more information, visit