Deerpath Art Fair on the Square 2021

Updated 9/9/2021 3:30 PM

The Deepath Art League Art Fair on the Square in Lake Forest held September 5-6 2021, featured established artists from all over the country.

The Deerpath Art League Awards were given to artists in various categories: Painting/Acrylic Painting/Oil,Watercolor, Digital Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Pastel, Fiber, Glass, Graphics/Printmaking, jewelry, Mixed Media, Photography, Wood, and Sculpture. Additionally there were awards for Abstract Art, Photography and Painting.


Three judges were selected to decide the awards. Awards were given for an overall best-in-show and additional special memorial awards. Award-winning artists are automatically invited back to the show the following year and are exempt from the jurying process.

Susan Anne Russell, a member of The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, an established artist, author and professor in Art and Humanities was one of the judges with a distinction in painting.

Exhibitors are required to display an Artist Statement in their booth during the art fair. The Statement includes a description of the artistic process and materials used. This displays the artist's intent and process, which is used in judging. It is a requirement that the Artist Statement be prominently displayed in the artist's booth during the fair. The Deerpath Art fair is well attended and highly regarded for over sixty six years.