Do we want career politicians on our Village Board? My vote: NO

Updated 3/25/2021 5:49 AM

While public service is to be appalled, after a reasonable length of time, different public servants on our Village Board is essential. Term limits are needed in Northbrook. Differing views are needed in all businesses and make no mistake, Northbrook is Big Business. The same group of caucus members have controlled who become are elected officials because contested elections are rare. Thankfully we all have a choice for Village President and Trustees. Not since 2009 was there a contested election for Village President. If anyone dare to challenge the caucus, be prepared to be the subject of either outright lies or subtle attacks by operatives of the caucus so their agenda is not disturbed. I am exhausted with the caucus social media regulars that traffic in lies to destroy folks. I say we all stand up and say, No More. If the caucus candidates want my vote, please tell us why you have never shown any concern for what we, the residents want, for more than 2 minutes, and if we were lucky, 3 minutes on occasion. Those are the time limits they allow us to speak on a topic. Shameful. I find that practice rude and the demeanor of many I witnessed after watching the last few board meetings is disgraceful. If anyone disagrees, watch the meetings that are available on the Village Site. The trustees shake their heads when folks speak, do not look at residents speaking, distracted, not interested, rude, nasty, and many other mannerisms that have no place in Village Government. I witnessed Trustee Ciesla attack former Trustee Heller, a well respected resident for expressing his views as to the Grainger land purchase for 8 million. Please watch her response and consider, do I ever want to disagree with her in a public forum so I could be treated like that? Again, NO More, vote for Gene Marks and his slate so all residents have a voice and we will be treated respectfully no matter who we are or how we feel about an issue.

Robert Dunn



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