InZone Q&A with Kevin Hahn

Bill Smith, Harper College Hawks Sports Information
Updated 8/2/2013 12:07 PM
  • The Chicago Cubs baseball camp was just one of nearly 200 camps offered to kids ages 8-14.

    The Chicago Cubs baseball camp was just one of nearly 200 camps offered to kids ages 8-14. Cliff Brown

We sat down with Harper College InZone Summer Enrichment and Sports Camp Program Coordinator Kevin Hahn to talk about InZone. InZone offers nearly 200 courses throughout the summer for kids ages 8-14. Hahn is in his seventh year with the InZone program.

Q: What makes InZone so much different than other summer camps?

Hahn: I would stress the quality of instruction and the individual, specific activities that the kids are getting. If they're signed up for a chemistry class, they're getting two weeks of just learning about chemistry. If they're signed up for a basketball camp, they're learning about just basketball and getting professional instruction.

Q: What do you do to promote InZone throughout the year?

Hahn: We promote through our website, local libraries, and local school districts. We have a lot of school districts that feed to us, so we have a lot of outreach we can do. I hit quite a few vendor fairs, anything that's youth-based where kids and parents are looking for summer activities. Word of mouth also helps. Quality, good experiences from the year before can really help sell the program to new people.

Q: How did the Harper coaches' camps get started about three years back?

Hahn: We came up with a plan of getting some of our Harper coaches here to get involved with the camps, and we've had great success with them. Harper head and assistant coaches are running and leading those camps, so the kids actually see and work with professionals. They see who's here at Harper and see the quality of instructors. It gives them something to strive for, that opportunity to come here as adults.

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