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Celebrate the teachers, educators and mentors in your life with memorable gifts from Teacher Peach (458 Central Avenue, Highland Park, IL). With a variety of fun and functional items, Teacher Peach offers the gifts teachers really want. Teacher Peach products are created just for teachers--with careful input from teachers and administrators. Say "thank you" to all the influential educators in your family's life with special gifts from Teacher Peach.

Choose one of the Teacher Peach tote bags designed expressly for teachers and fill it up with great teacher tools and gadgets as well as classrooms tools that teachers will love. Check out the I Teach tote as well as the clear and clever transparent totes that are the newest additions to the Teacher Peach product line. In addition, the Summer Kit will help every teacher both enjoy and plan for next year during the summer break. Don't forget the other educators who support your children, too. From central office teams and art teachers to principals and the school nurse, Teacher Peach has thank-you gifts for everyone.

The Boo Boo Bag is another perfect gift for teachers, parents, grandparents, tutors, coaches, scout leaders, recess supervisors, babysitters, or anyone who spends time with children on the go! The colorful and durable pouch comes with a carabineer clip to tag along easily on any outing. Inside, you will find colorful adhesive strips, first aid ointments, creams, wipes, a disposable thermometer, a splinter remover, an instant cold pack, all-better stickers, a card for emergency contact information, and more--everything you need to take quick care of any boo boo. All that's missing is a hug! The Boo Boo Bag is also a terrific accessory for summer camp counselors and campers on the go!

All products are available for purchase on the Teacher Peach website or In addition to these teacher-centric items, Teacher Peach carries scores of additional products that are geared to students and families, too, with books, games, and more that kids of all ages are sure to love!


Teacher Peach is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the social and emotional learning needs of teachers and other key educators everywhere. Every product created by the Teacher Peach team has been conceptualized, tested, revised, or designed for teachers--with teachers. The company offers a variety of affordable classroom tools and gift products for teachers of all types, coaches, babysitters, scout leaders, principals, administrators, supervisors, and more. Teacher Peach provides teachers with great products that fit into their educational and budget priorities and provides families with special teacher gifts that teachers really want. In addition to its strong online presence, at its retail location, Teacher Peach holds teacher workshops on topics ranging from Common Core State Standards to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), offers educational forums on critical issues including school safety, story times for kids, and provides one-on-one or one-to-many education consulting services. Why grapple with an apple when you can reach for the peach? Visit Teacher Peach at, call 847‐926‐7298, search for Teacher Peach products on and visit the retail location in Downtown Highland Park, IL.