Delegate diary: Nominating Obama, and so much more

Updated 9/4/2012 3:38 PM
  • Highland Park Democrat Lauren Beth Gash.

    Highland Park Democrat Lauren Beth Gash.

Delegates to the Democratic National Convention are there to cast their votes to nominate President Barack Obama for re-election -- and so much more, says delegate Lauren Beth Gash of Highland Park, chair of the 10th Congressional District Democrats and a former state representative.

On delegates' mission to get the word out:

"I think a very small role is refuting (the Republican National Convention) last week. A much more significant role is talking about what the president is doing. ... Our goal is to energize our base, as well as get the message out."

That crucial nomination vote:

"Our role is to cast that vote for the president and make sure everyone knows we've got his back, and he's got ours."

On bringing the message back home:

"I feel strongly that we need to make sure that we explain to people back home what the situation is and we get the word out to people. On Thursday night, we will be having a very large convention (party) in Northbrook."

Compared to campaigning in Iowa before the 2008 election:

"2007 in Iowa had a very different feel. It was very new. We were all very hopeful. A significant difference now is that we remain hopeful, but we now have the experience to know that what the president has been doing is the right track."

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