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The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted3/16/2012 5:56 PM

Bonus bonanza:

Report: Northwest Suburban High School District 214 Superintendent David R. Schuler gets a $7,500 bonus for completing an agreement on time to install turf at some schools. Sigh. Have you ever been given a bonus for completing one of your regular work assignments on time?

Keep your cash:

Now, from the Lone Wolf Department: Jonathan Farnick says if he wins the 14th Congressional District primary, he'll refuse follow-up Democratic money. "We need to get money out of politics," said Farnick, who's spent money only to notarize petitions and to travel to candidate forums. That's one way to get campaign finance reform.

Flying circus:

In a sad sign of a situation full of sad signs, we tagged Rod Blagojevich's final statement to appear on our website in both the "news" section and the "life and entertainment" sections. Blagojevich, after all, had become a TV celebrity as well as a onetime VIP and then major criminal. That's not how it was supposed to turn out.

Green is a nice fit:

For many people, St. Patrick's Day is an excuse to drink green beer and enjoy some corned beef and cabbage. Thankfully, the Chicago Wolves and Chicago Express hockey teams go much further and use the day to auction off green jerseys for some worthwhile charities. Helping others is always in style.

Every dollar counts:

As everyone knows, the University of Illinois fired three top coaches and must pay them a combined $7.1 million owed on their contracts. That seems like a huge figure, and it is. Just not as big as the $349 million U of I officials say the state owes them in unpaid vouchers. Ouch!

A July 4 fizzle and spark:

Mixed feelings on Hoffman Estates' fireworks show moving to the Sears Centre from village hall. It was nice for nearby residents to just walk out of their homes and see the show. On the other hand, many many more had to drive to the show, creating a neighborhood mess. The Sears Centre site can handle that better.

Then, a bright idea:

Better still, Hoffman Estates Mayor William McLeod is working with Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain and Hanover Park Mayor Rodney Craig on combining resources for the Sears Centre fireworks. Good idea, especially for the latter two towns, which haven't had fireworks shows. Now, each suburb can keep its own parade for that neighborly feel.

That ringing in your ears:

We're in the home stretch, people. These past weeks must have been a nightmare to anyone without TiVo and caller ID. If you're like us, you haven't been able to get through a half-hour sitcom without at least one interruption from a pollster or politician. Just don't hang up on Mom inadvertently during this final-weekend political blitz.

Well done, chief:

Nathaniel Hamilton of Gurnee, who died this week, was the founder of the renowned Angel Drill team. In 44 years, the all-girl synchronized rifle-tossing team captured dozens of titles. But to thousands of girls, he meant much more. He was a hero and mentor who touched their lives in ways not measured by trophies.

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