Dist. 15 endorsement has her head spinning

Updated 3/29/2011 10:40 AM

Just a quick thank you to the editorial board of the Daily Herald for once again misleading the readers of this newspaper.

You have chosen to endorse Chapman, Ekeberg and Seiffert for the Dist. 15 school board. I recall that your newspaper recommended a No vote for the bond issue in November, calling it a "blank check for a vague plan."

Why would you endorse the very people who tried to sneak this referendum in through the back door?

If the citizens of Palatine had not been paying attention in Feb. 2010 this bond issuance would have occurred with virtually no public discussion or citizens' input.

The residents of Palatine Dist. 15 would have been saddled with an enormous debt. Now you are saying we should vote these same people in for another four years?

Are the editors aware that there is absolutely nothing that stops these board members from issuing bonds again this spring?

It is quite simple, the only way to assure that a back door referendum will not come up again immediately after this election is to vote Sriram, Herr and Iannuzzelli.

Do those on the editorial board actually read their own newspaper? Many times this past year the Daily Herald has questioned actions taken by the existing board and now you are endorsing them as the best candidates for Dist. 15.

Sorry, editors, but you cannot be taken seriously.

Jane Van Wolvelear