'Out with the old' in Palatine District 15

Posted3/20/2011 6:00 PM

Residents of District 15 have a very important decision to make. The election on April 5 will make a direct impact on our community.

To the 19,811 voters who voted "No" to the $27 million bond issuance: You already know change is desperately needed and are relieved highly-qualified candidates Manjula Sriram, Scott Herr and Gerard Iannuzzelli are running for the board.

To the 9,541 voters who voted "Yes" to taking on this additional debt: Maybe you assumed the money would solve the problem. Maybe you didn't have time to research it and thought you were doing a good thing by voting "Yes."

Maybe you don't understand why anyone would've voted "no". Well, I voted "no" because board members Chapman, Ekeberg, Babcock and Bokor voted against Dr. Quinn's motion to restrict the borrowing to the amount truly needed for capital repairs.

They then voted to proceed with the full $27 million amount without presenting a plan to the community as to how the money would be used.

They wanted this backdoor referendum to go through without voter input. Their actions told me this: We don't respect you. We don't owe you any explanation. We don't represent you.

Last, but certainly not least. To the staff of District 15: Sriram, Herr and Iannuzzelli appreciate your hard work, as do I. They respect you and therefore will not accept any of your dues money for their election (Chapman and Ekeberg accepted union contributions four years ago).

They know it would be a huge conflict of interest. They know the trust of the community would immediately be lost and they would no longer be fit to do the job they were elected to do. Nobody is served when that happens, including you.

New leadership is needed in District 15 for everyone's sake.

Vicki Wilson