Move along people, no conspiracy here

Posted3/7/2011 12:01 AM

Recent articles have alleged a conspiracy in the timing of Mark Bloom's resignation from the District 15 Board of Education.

Unfortunately, those articles were based on erroneous information that was apparently intended to mislead the reporter.

The articles claim that had Mr. Bloom resigned a few days earlier in January, his position would have been filled by election rather than board of education appointment. That simply is not true.

State of Illinois law applies to the filling of school board vacancies caused by resignation of a member. The law is very clear; if a vacancy occurs less than 868 days before the end of the term, then the school board is mandated to fill the vacancy.

Under the state-mandated timeline, Mr. Bloom would have had to resign in mid-November, not early January, in order to require an election to fill that vacancy.

I believe rational people will understand that the school board was not involved in conspiracy but, rather, acted responsibly in this matter in compliance with state of Illinois law (105 ILCS 5/10-10) (from Chapter 122 par. 10-10).

Richard Bokor