She believes 4-2 vote shows the choice was preordained

Updated 2/6/2011 11:26 AM

District 15 residents should be outraged at the complete charade that took place on Saturday, Jan. 29 at the District 15 headquarters.

The plan for the day was to interview 14 candidates for the open position on the Board of Education due to an untimely resignation. What a huge slap in the face to the entire community, and especially to the students, to turn something so important into a joke.

The chosen candidate was selected in a 4-2 vote (Quinn, Millar dissenting), despite there being much more experienced candidates, and after virtually NO discussion or deliberation. The only discussion that took place was provided by Dr. Quinn and Mr. Millar, the only ones who went into Saturday's interviews with an open mind.

Dr. Chapman, Dr. Ekeberg, Ms. Babcock and Mr. Bokor obviously had their minds made up to select their political ally before the first candidate even walked in the door.

The board majority didn't even pretend to deliberate. Mere minutes elapsed from the end of the last interview to the return to open session, so no deliberation or discussion took place behind closed doors either. Video of the open session and vote can be viewed at

As you can plainly see, President Chapman would entertain no discussion.

Dr. Chapman and Dr. Ekeberg are up for re-election in April. We need to elect board members who operate ethically, honestly and with transparency. Demand board members who are not arrogant and who respect the community.

Vicki Wilson