Holiday Pets for Your Family? BioDome The Reptile Emporium has the Perfect Solution

Libertyville, IL- Monday, December 5, 2023 - Did someone special put a new pet on their wish list this year? Looking for a new family member that is easy to care for, non-allergic and/or doesn't need to be walked in the cold?

According to, reptiles make excellent pets for children and those who are looking for an unique pet. Crested geckos, bearded dragons and corn snakes all make excellent pets that can be handled and will grow attached to their people.

BioDome, The Reptile Emporium in Libertyville, IL is a great resource for beginning and the experienced hobbiest. This store on Peterson Road in Libertyville offers everything an specialty pet owner (or wannabe) could need. Here you can find resources to help you choose the specialty pets perfect for your family and everything you need to feed them and support their enclosures.

The team specializes in bioactive enclosures, Bioactive enclosures mimic the best natural environment for your pet. It includes a balance of organic materials, bacteria, and microorganisms. These process waste products from your pet, which means you can have a great pet that requires little to no maintenance. (A mom's dream). These enclosures are designed to mimic the animals natural environment. Desert animals get sandy, bright and warm enclosures. Woodland animals get greenery, live plants and more. Talk to our team about which of the Grab & Go enclosures would be a best fit. Or, talk to the team about having one designed specifically for you.

"Our mission is to bring specialty animals to the area the right way. Where the animals are our first priority, up-front and honest communications and fair and honest pricing support keepers at all levels," said Josh Zavatsky, Store Owner at BioDome, The Reptile Emporium.

Educational Mission at the BioDome

At the BioDome, the focus is on education. Alongside the store is an educational zoo that features resident animals. "We love to help families learn about the different animals, what makes them different, what they eat and how they live." This store is all about introducing families to reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and others. Make sure you ask us which is our favorites and why!

As a part of their mission, BioDome offers specialty programs, field trips, scout visits and birthday parties.


BioDome, The Reptile Emporium is a store and educational facility located in Libertyville, IL. The owner and staff have a long history of raising and keeping exotic pets and bring a world of practical knowledge to their work. Located at 336 Peterson Road in Libertyville, you can find the pets, feeders and items you need.

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Bearded dragons love to be handled!Linda Zavatsky
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