What Can I Expect from the newly opened Concierge Hand and Upper Extremity Orthopedic Medical Practice in Schaumburg?

If you have an upper extremity orthopedic condition such as hand or wrist pain which is preventing you from enjoying activities that require use of your hands and wrists, seeking treatment by a concierge medicine hand and upper extremity orthopedic specialist can help put you on the road to recovery to resume the quality of life that you deserve.

Dr. Michele Y. Yoon is a board certified fellowship trained hand and upper extremity orthopedic surgeon. She utilizes her knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that best suits each individual patient's expectations. Dr. Yoon founded her solo practice, Michele Y. Yoon, M.D., PLLC in order to provide quality, one-on-one care to help her patients heal quickly and effectively. All patients are evaluated and treated exclusively by a board-certified hand and upper extremity orthopedic surgeon. This individualized approach to patient care extends to both nonoperative and operative treatment options, depending on the nature and severity of the orthopedic problem.

A hand and upper extremity orthopedic specialist is someone that not only has a background in orthopedic surgery, but also additional fellowship training/specialization in the treatment of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand conditions. Just as there are subspecialities like cardiology in the field of internal medicine, orthopedic surgery also includes specialization for evaluation and treatment of different aspects of the musculoskeletal system. Additional fellowship training in a subspeciality such as the hand and upper extremity provides more in depth education specific to conditions encountered in the upper extremity to provide the best treatment options available for problems involving the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.

Concierge Medicine is a rather recent term/model where physicians can provide more personalized care for their patients. For the majority of patients in the United States, medical care is dictated by the business aspect of medicine often constrained by financial company policies, rules/regulations to bring business (including high volume) to make profits in the healthcare system. Most medical/physician practices are owned by giant corporations (including health insurance companies) or conglomerate hospital groups, leaving little autonomy for doctors. A Concierge Medical practice allows the physician autonomy to provide quality, one-on-one care to help patients heal well without the confines of high volume, time constraints, or "bottom line" mentality often seen in large corporations. Although Concierge Medical practices usually require an investment in higher up front out of pocket costs, the benefits of the quality of care that patients receive are significant and invaluable.

Benefits found when seeking care at Michele Y. Yoon, M.D., PLLC, a Concierge Hand and Upper Extremity Orthopedic Medical Practice in Schaumburg include:

* One on one personalized care with the hand and upper extremity fellowship trained orthopedic specialist

* A more relaxed environment and time to speak with the fellowship trained orthopedic specialist to find thorough answers regarding your condition and treatment plan

* Little to no wait time for your scheduled appointment(s)

Review of all examinations/studies with the hand and upper extremity orthopedic specialist, rather than with ancillary staff

* All procedures/surgeries performed by the fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon

* More personalized access to your treating physician, without being routed through other ancillary healthcare providers such as physicians assistants or nurse practitioners

Seeking trusted treatment for an orthopedic condition/problem can be daunting. Finding a physician that is a "good fit" can be difficult, even without being faced with the difficulties of navigating through healthcare policies and rules for coverage. Patients can rest assured their care is being delivered by a compassionate, highly trained, board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Michele Y. Yoon, M.D., PLLC.

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