George The Matchmaker is Helping The Animal Shelters & You Should Too!

George Cervantes, the celebrity matchmaker in Chicago mostly known as George the Matchmaker, is helping the local animals shelters by gathering a group of volunteers and going to help in any way they can. George the Matchmaker is an animal lover and understand how difficult it is to keep a shelter running smooth.

George wants more people to volunteer in any way they can, whether is by helping out or by giving donations in the form food or cash. The animal shelters will always welcome the extra help with open arms. People can play foster parents for little kittens or puppies. There is so much to do at the local animal shelters and the feeling afterwards is great. You will feel awesome after helping those poor little animals with your time or by donating a few dollars for their food.

Most animal shelters are running at full capacity and also need people to come in and adopt some of their animals. Those who have been wanting to get a pet, then this is the perfect time to head to the local animal shelter and grab one. Those who are not sure about getting a pet yet could play foster parent to try things out, which is another option that will also help the animal shelters.

Anyone interested in helping out can do so by visiting their local animal shelter.

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