Watch Bill Murray's Jeep commercial, shot in Woodstock

Along with the big game, those in the Woodstock area also had something else exciting to watch on Sunday, as Jeep officially aired a commercial it shot in the historic Woodstock square during the Super Bowl.

Jeep posted the commercial on its Facebook and Twitter pages earlier in the day, filmed partly on the Woodstock Square and based on the movie "Groundhog Day." As of Sunday afternoon, the video had gotten about 290,000 likes on Facebook and been viewed 3.4 million times on Twitter.

Th> commercial begins with an alarm turning on, playing "I Got You Babe," sung by Sonny and Cher, with two radio announcers saying "OK, campers. Rise and shine, it's Groundhog Day," as Bill Murray, who played main character meteorologist Phil Connors in the movie, wakes up, saying "Oh no."

Brian Doyle-Murray, who played the mayor in the movie, also was in the commercial. Bill Murray rips a groundhog out of Brian Doyle-Murray's hands as he stands by a red truck and drives off in an orange-colored 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

It also features Stephen Tobolowsky, reprising his role as Ned "Needlenose" Ryerson, calling out to Phil as Phil repeatedly drives off in the Jeep with the groundhog.

In the background of one of the scenes, a Woodstock Jewelers sign can be seen as snow falls on the square.

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