Fittest Loser At Work Tip: Don't go it alone

No matter what diet or workout you choose, you are far more likely to hit your weight-loss goals if you have some emotional support.

This isn't just some squishy feeling; it's been scientifically proven. In one study, two-thirds of people who were enrolled in weight-loss programs with their friends kept the weight off for six months. Only one-fourth of those who went it alone kept the weight off.

What type of support you seek depends on your needs. Do you need information? Do you need people helping you in social settings? Or at home when you're tired and don't want to head to the gym?

Support groups can give you good advice and strategies for hitting your goals, plus provide some objective emotional support.

Family and friends can provide you with emotional support and work with you on changing behaviors. And co-workers can help you if your weakness is mindless munching throughout the day.

No matter how strong we want to be, we all need someone to lean on. Or someone to inspire us when we're running on empty. Having someone to turn to can relieve a lot of stress, which often triggers poor behaviors.

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