Three cheers for White Sox wheeler-dealer Hahn

Hahn's Solo:

Has White Sox GM Rick Hahn had himself a nice little off-season thus far, or what?


Really like most of his moves, but the one that still bothers me — though I totally get the reasoning behind it — is the trade of Hector Santiago.

Hate it, but understand.

Here's why:

This from a story about Santiago written by Scot Gregor early this year — a story that has stuck with me ever since:

The Newark, N.J., native was in eighth grade when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, and Santiago never forgot the terror and that helpless feeling.

That's why he got in his car and drove up to Connecticut in January to speak to the children affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Now, Santiago has turned his attention to the people affected by the deadly tornadoes in Moore, Okla.

“I always try to give a helping hand wherever I can,” Santiago said.

There's plenty more ... but you get the gist.

Simply put:

One cool dude.

I know, I know:

Enough of the seasonal sappiness already.

Question:Who has less of a leg to stand on: any Bears defender commenting on the QB situation, or Derrick Rose and/or his handlers whining about the remolding of the Bulls? OK:Now they're just messing with us by tripling the number of Michael Bolton commercials.You better believe somehow, some way, we'll get our revenge.You make the call:Who in the world is the Bears' MVP?Gotta admit:Other than singling out specific players, I enjoyed the heck out of that rant by the SIU hoops coach. Instant classic.It's a coach thing:Funny how you never hear about a history professor going off on an individual student who, #8220;Didn't know the Germans marched through Belgium on their way to France in both World War I and World War II!!#8221;Hope you enjoyed:That rare Belgium reference.Hey, great idea!Like the organization has done with Junior Lake, I've invoked my own personal #8220;fatigue clause#8221; with the Cubs.Claiming pitcher Liam Hendriks and his 2-13 record with a 6.06 ERA in 30 big-league appearances kinda sealed the deal.Ah, who am I kidding?I'm still gonna watch.I've waited this long.A three-hour tour:Rumor is they'll soon be coming out with a #8220;Gilligan's Island#8221; movie.I vote for the Toronto mayor Rob Ford as the Skipper, Jimmy Fallon as Gilligan, and young up-and-comer Russell Johnson as the Professor.What?He's No. 3!Item: D-Rose ranks third on the NBA's most popular jerseys list.Reaction: Whatever.The good with the bad:As sad as it was to see Hector Santiago go, if you had a chance to listen to Chris Rongey's interview with outfielder Adam Eaton, who came over as part of the deal, there's no way in the world you could walk away from it not liking this guy.You cannot be serious!Kaner's goal against Nashville.I mean ... C'mon!Anyone else notice?There wasn't a Thursday night NFL game?Didn't think so. finally:Two simple words: Merry Christmas!

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