Reinsdorf has right idea on baseball expansion

Now you’re talking:White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf didn#146;t get where he is by luck. The guy is one smart cookie.Case in point: during a fundraiser to support baseball in Israel held Wednesday night at Harry Caray#146;s Restaurant, the Chairman was asked about the possibility of international expansion for MLB.Here#146;s what he told those on hand: #147;I don#146;t see any baseball expansion right now. If it were up to me, I would contract two teams.#148;My response?Yes!And don#146;t stop there:You could certainly say the same for the NBA #133; and definitely the NHL as well.While we#146;re at it, I can think of at least one NFL franchise that could be contracted, too (Jacksonville, hello!).But ... :Just don#146;t contract this year#146;s White Sox payroll.It#146;s nearly August, you#146;re tied for first, the crowds are getting bigger, the Tigers are reloading #133; and Zack Greinke is available. Gettin#146; grizzly:Is it just me, or do things seem a little too rosy with the Bears? Are we actually allowed to be this optimistic?That would be Rich (Harvest):Might there be a women#146;s professional golf version borderline similar to the Presidents Cup on the horizon?Might it be played in the years when there is no Solheim Cup?Might it involve teams from countries all over the world, not just the U.S. and Europe?Might Rich Harvest Farms, site of a recent Solheim Cup, play host to the event on occasion?Just asking.Good luck:To Sarah Kustok in whatever her next endeavor will be.One of the nicest people you#146;d ever want to meet.What are the odds?Well, according to, here are a few interesting ones heading into the Olympics:ŸNumber of athletes stripped of medals due to positive drug tests? Over/Under: 5.5ŸWill the Olympic flame singe (London mayor) Boris Johnson#146;s hair during the ceremony? $100 pays $3,300 (33 to 1).I#146;m going with the Over and No.Jealous of Jager:Jacobs grad Evan Jager has two things going for him that I don#146;t: talent and great hair.If the American recordholder in the steeplechase continues to roll and does well in the London Olympics, I#146;m thinking hair-care companies are going to be lining up at his door.The equation:Jager 2012 = Dave Wottle 1972.Think about it.And in other news:Dwight Howard now says he wants #133; blah, blah blah #133; make it stop!After further review #133; :I think it#146;s time for further review #133; in baseball.The trap-that-was-then-wasn#146;t in the White Sox-Twins game and David DeJesus#146; homer-that-never-was-but-should-have-been in Pittsburgh have me leaning toward the dark side of video review #151; but only if that means there is an extra ump in the press box.BTW:Enjoyed the reactions of the Hawk and Bob Brenly on those two respective plays.Hawk wanted sooo badly to unleash after the initial call of a trap was reversed, but held back, kinda, and instead used some familiar initials #151; repeatedly #151; to emphasize his disgust.And Brenly#146;s answer for the correct course of action to take after a fan in the bleachers at PNC Park reached over the yellow line to snag DeJesus#146; blast was priceless.#147;Like I#146;ve said many times before,#148; Brenly said, #147;instead of a yellow line, electrified razor wire would work just fine.#148;Light it up:If superstar British actor Rowan Atkinson doesn#146;t light the Olympic torch Friday night, well then there#146;s just no justice in this world.What?Golf bonanza:A spectacular course and a spectacular field of amateur golfers are on the agenda next week (July 30-Aug. 4) when Exmoor Country Club in Highland Park serves as host for the 110th playing of the Western Amateur. Admission is free.And believe me when I say this: Whoever wins this title totally deserves it. He will have survived two days of 18-hole stroke play, followed by a day of 36-hole stroke play, followed by two straight days of 36-hole match play.Whew, I just got tired typing all

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