Spellman's Scorecard: Scott a good guy who did his job

<p class="briefhead">Adios, Big John:

It's tough to see John Scott leave the Blackhawks.

Nice guy. Funny guy. Smart guy.

And he also provided what I think is my favorite quote ever after pummeling Kevin Westgarth of the L.A. Kings a few years back.

After the game, Scott explained why he is such an effective fighter.

"I have long arms, so I'm kind of like a monkey-armed baboon swinging away."


<p class="briefhead">Gotta admit:

The guy flat-out did what he was brought here to do.

<p class="briefhead">The equation:

NBA all-star dunk lineup = Dancing With The Stars lineup.

<p class="briefhead">Local guy done good:

Don't look now but Elmhurst resident Mark Wilson is beginning to look like a lock to make the American squad for the 2012 Ryder Cup to be held at Medinah Country Club.

At the Accenture Match Play Championship over the weekend, Wilson finished third and received some big backing from none other than Johnny Miller.

"If he's not on the Ryder Cup something's haywire," Miller said. "because this guy is a great match-play player."


<p class="briefhead">Davis (III) Cup:

Evidently Davis Love III was serious when he said he wanted to become the first American Ryder Cup playing captain since Arnold Palmer.

Tying the course record with a 64 on Thursday?

Not too shabby.

<p class="briefhead">Question:

Is the bunting tournament over yet?

<p class="briefhead">Lazy Sunday:

Thank you Mother Nature for turning Sunday's running of the Daytona 500 into a waste of a perfectly good big sandwich.

But I have to admit, it was totally worth staying with the race late Monday night. Never before have I seen a race delayed because the actual track was on fire.


<p class="briefhead">Follow the Tweeter:

During the red-flag delay to douse that fire, driver Brad Keselowski began tweeting from his car and gained &#8230; nearly 140,000 new followers.

<p class="briefhead">A tribute to the Oscars:

In the category for "most confident and optimistic general manager despite his team being on the brink," the winner is &#8230;

Stan Bowman!

<p class="briefhead">Brilliant:

Used to think the most creative writers on TV were those who penned ads for digestive health products. How they worked around that topic was magical.

But even they have been surpassed by whoever it is responsible for the different "scenarios" offered up by DirectTV.

Pure genius.

<p class="briefhead">In case you missed it:

Marlins slugger Mike Stanton now wants to be called Giancarlo, his original name before deciding Mike was a better option.

<p class="briefhead">Is it me or ...

Do we never hear about baseball players reporting late to spring training because of "visa problems" anymore.

<p class="briefhead">BTW:

Were those "visa problems" just a euphemism for something else?

<p class="briefhead">The quote

"I told him he needs to have longer hair. When I think of Giancarlo, I think of someone with long, flowing hair, like Fabio. But if he keeps hitting homers, I'll call him whatever he wants."

<B>- Marlins catcher John Buck on teammate Giancarlo "Mike" Stanton</B>

Hawks trade picks for Oduya, then trade Scott

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