Bond denied for suspect in Naperville slaying

Daniel Olaska will not be preparing his murder defense from his Naperville home, a DuPage County judge ruled Friday.

Judge Kathryn Creswell denied bail for Olaska, 27, who is charged in last month’s stabbing death of Naperville teacher Shaun Wild, 24, and the attempted murders of two others at Frankie’s Blue Room in downtown Naperville.

Creswell said Olaska “poses a real and present threat to the community” after hearing prosecutors allege that Olaska threatened another man in Frankie’s Blue Room with a knife about 30 minutes before the stabbing, threatened arresting officers and acted rudely toward other patrons.

Prosecutors said surveillance footage from several angles captured Olaska stabbing Hayes in the lung with a 5-inch folding knife as the two sat at a booth. The attack was sparked, they said, when Hayes commented on Olaska drinking beer from a wineglass.

When Wild, a 2011 North Central College graduate, followed and tried to prevent Olaska from leaving, the defendant turned and stabbed him in the heart, prosecutors said.

Olaska also is accused of stabbing bouncer Rafael Castenada, who was injured as he and other staffers held Olaska until police arrived.

Assistant State’s Attorney Demetri Demopoulos said that between 20 and 30 minutes before the stabbing, Olaska threatened another man after interjecting himself in their dance. Thinking that Olaska was the woman’s boyfriend, the man apologized and walked away. Olaska pulled a knife and told the man, “It will be taken care of,” prosecutors said.

Olaska also is accused of taunting two women at the bar and shouting obscenities at another woman.

After the stabbings, Olaska, who Demopoulos said was spattered with the blood of all three victims, tried convincing bar security that he himself had been stabbed and fell to the floor where he attempted to inch his way toward the staircase leading to the exit.

He made it to the stairway but, Demopoulos said, was met by police officers. He then resisted arrest and told the transporting officer numerous times, “You’ll get yours,” prosecutors said.

Had Olaska’s family been able to post the previously required $300,000 bail, Cresswell said she didn’t think outfitting Olaska with a GPS monitoring device would have been sufficient.

“There are no conditions or combination of conditions that would reasonably secure the safety of the community,” Creswell said.

DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin applauded the decision.

“The whole reason behind our motion to increase or revoke bond is based on the additional information we received during the course of the investigation,” he said after the hearing. “We did have a bond hearing initially, but it was the morning after the murder and the police had done a substantial investigation ... But since that point they have uncovered additional evidence.”

Olaska has no prior criminal history. He faces decades in prison if convicted.

Authorities said he was a supervisor at Schaumburg Regional Airport and has aviation training. His parents had been trying to raise bail.

Defense attorney Brian Telander said he and Olaska’s family were disappointed but understood the ruling.

“It’s not going to deter us from vigorously trying to defend the case,” Telander said. “It’s very difficult as a defense lawyer when I don’t have access to the information and (prosecutors) can say whatever they want.”

Family and supporters of both Wild and Olaska packed the courtroom, many with tears welling in their eyes throughout the proceedings.

Wild’s mother, Jami Wild, said her son’s death is still “too raw” on her emotions but said the family is “very happy” with the ruling.

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