Multiple 911 calls from Naperville stabbing released

Recordings of the 911 calls from patrons of a Naperville bar where a teacher was stabbed to death over the weekend reveal frantic and chaotic pleas for help for the bleeding 24-year-old.

At least 10 people called 911 urging the dispatcher to send paramedics to Frankie's Blue Room after an altercation that left Shaun Wild dead and two other men with stab wounds.

In most of the recordings that were released, the dispatcher says paramedics are on the way. In some of the recordings, the dispatcher asks if the person who did the stabbing is still in the bar. It's not clear how long after the stabbing the calls were made, but callers describe people bleeding and ask for help urgently.

Here is an edited transcript of some of the recordings.

Dispatcher: “Naperville 911.” Caller: “Oh my God, somebody got stabbed!” Dispatcher: “What's going on?” Caller: “I don't know. Somebody got pushed into somebody and there's blood everywhere. Some guy is holding his rib. I think he's like bleeding out right now.” Dispatcher: “OK. Is there someone with him?” Caller: “There's people, yeah, there's people all around him, but we need somebody here.”

A second caller:

Dispatcher: “Naperville 911, how may I help you?”

Caller: “I need an ambulance at Frankie's Blues Room right now!”

Dispatcher: “We have the fire department on the way, sir. Was the subject stabbed?”

Caller: “Yes, he is stabbed. Right now we need someone as soon as possible.”

Dispatcher: “Where is the person who stabbed him?”

Caller: “He got stabbed right to the right of the heart.”

Dispatcher: “OK, is he still there, though, at Frankie's?”

Caller: “Yes, he is at Frankie's upstairs. We need someone now.”

Dispatcher: “OK, the paramedics and police are on the way, but the person who stabbed him, is he still there?”

Caller: “I do not know.”

Caller shouts to the bar crowd: “Is the person who stabbed him here?”

Caller: “No he is out, he left. I don't know.”

Dispatcher: “OK, the paramedics are on the way.”

A third caller:

Dispatcher” “Naperville 911”

Caller: “Oh my god, somebody got stabbed!”

Dispatcher: “OK, please, OK, calm down a little. Are you at Frankie's Blue Room?”

Caller: “Yeah”

Dispatcher: “OK, what actually happened?”

Caller: “OK, are you guys coming?”

Dispatcher: “Can you go somewhere where I can hear you?”

Caller: “Yeah, are you guy's coming? Hold on.”

Dispatcher: “Did someone hurt this person?”

Caller: “Yeah, someone just got stabbed”

Dispatcher: “OK, he got stabbed. Is the other person that did this still there?”

Caller: “No. Yes. (inaudible)”

Dispatcher: “OK, the person who hurt him is there?”

Caller: “I don't know. Somebody got stabbed!”

Police said Daniel Olaska, 27 of Naperville, was arrested at the scene of the murder and has been charged with first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder. He is being held in lieu of $3 million bail.

The altercation escalated after North Central College football player Willie Hayes, who was sitting at the same table as Olaska but did not know him, teased Olaska for drinking beer out of a wineglass, according to prosecutors.

As the men stood up from the table, Wild came to help Hayes. Olaska pulled out a knife and lunged across the table and stabbed Wild in the arm and Hayes in the chest, prosecutors said. Olaska then tried to leave, and when Wild took a few steps toward him, stabbed Wild in the heart, officials said.

Rafael Castenada, an employee at the bar, raced to the scene and was also stabbed. Castenada was able to take the knife away.

Authorities said Olaska confessed to the stabbings and demonstrated for police what happened.

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