It was the media's win not Obama's

Mr. James Cook's letter of Nov. 6 proclaimed in Fence Post that on Election Day, America reached the epiphany of democracy.

Well sir, tell that to the 56.1 million people who voted for John McCain, and they will say that they were Obamatized with the help of the media bias.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC stated that he will do everything to help Barack Obama. Is that fair journalism?

I'm a Democrat who voted for McCain for various reasons, and I do not understand why people like Mr. Cook would put down President Bush by saying he's leaving the oval office in a virtual disgrace, suggesting that Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Franks and Harry Reid are free of guilt in causing this financial meltdown.

He goes on to honor a man with no record of accomplishments. This same man promises to reach across partisan lines and then names Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff - whose reputation is one of a fiery partisan who uses foul language repeatedly.

Obama promises to spread the wealth, but once elected president, Wall Street responded with the worst single biggest decline since 1987.

He means to raise taxes on corporations while the country just lost 1.2 million jobs. He desires to meet with our county's enemies without conditions.

Now explain to the 56.1 million people why Vice President-elect Joe Biden said that the world will test the mettle of this man within six months and then ask for patience from their supporters because he may not react right away.

Let me remind you, our country was kept safe since 9-11 because of Bush, so whether you agree with him or not, Bush was our president and deserves the same respect this country will offer to Obama as our commander-in-chief.

Mr. Don Heideger's letter, Nov. 8, asked the right question: How could voters reject a tested and proven McCain?

Ray Weaver


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