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2018 Yenko SC Stage II Camaro
Yenko name lives on in 1,000-horsepower Camaro
Don Yenko made quite a name for himself, crafting custom, high-powered Camaros out of his Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Chevy dealership. Decades later, his legacy lives on, thanks to Specialty Vehicle Engineering Inc.
Eighth-grader Rosie Colucci of Palatine shows off a leather vest she received from the Ride for Kids motorcycle charity event, which raises funds to help children with brain tumors. Rosie has spent countless hours raising awareness and money for research on the disease she’s contended with most of her life. She’s receiving an award for her longtime volunteerism in Washington D.C., this spring.
Palatine girl with brain tumors honored for volunteer efforts
Do you know what an e-cigarette looks like? Electronic nicotine devices can look like a pen, a computer memory stick, a car key fob or even an asthma inhaler.
5 facts about vaping to talk about with your teen
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