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Patty Hindes and her late husband Corey.
Last Kiss: A widow wishes she had asked for one more kiss
For Patty Hindes, the last kiss she didn't get from husband Corey Hindes wasn't just a personal moment lost forever, it was a missed opportunity whose possible repercussions still haunt her.
Faisal Mohyuddin started writing poetry as a sophomore at Fremd High School in Palatine. Now, the former Rolling Meadows resident is a critically acclaimed poet whose first full-length collection debuts Sunday after winning The Sexton Prize for Poetry.
Constable: Poet from Rolling Meadows making waves
Blackburnian warbler is among the many colorful migrating songbirds that visit our region every spring. Some species will stay to raise families; others continue to breeding grounds farther north.
Celebrating the wonders of avian migration
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