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A cross-country drive shows how diverse the landscape (and people who live in it) can be. We, the people, decide if it’s better to live in the desert, mountains or cities, or under the rule of Republicans, Democrats or a third party.
Constable: On election's eve, a trip across America shows all our options
Nothing provides a greater appreciation for being an American than standing in line to vote on Election Day. Except for maybe a cross-country drive.
Tom Napholz, left, who collapsed March 1 after suffering cardiac arrest while playing hockey at Twin Rinks Ice Pavillion in Buffalo Grove, meets with Oliver Urrego, the goalie on the opposing team who revived him and likely saved his life. Paramedics cut Napholz’s lime-colored jersey from his torso during the emergency.
Goalie makes huge save -- an opposing player's life
Toffee bars are packed full of pecans, toffee bits, chopped white chocolate and dried coconut, but the sprinkling of bourbon is what really takes them over the edge.
Bar cookies packed with pecans, toffee, chocolate can't be beat
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