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updated: 10/7/2013 2:02 PM

Be on guard for ACA scams

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Dave Hass

DUPAGE COUNTY--Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment began October 1 and the DuPage County Health Department is warning residents that scammers are already taking advantage of this opportunity.

Here are some of the common scams that DuPage County residents should avoid:


What happens: You receive a call from somebody letting you know that they'll help you avoid penalties by helping you get enrolled in the ACA's insurance exchanges.

Why it's a scam: Official ACA counselors (who are trained and certified) are not allowed to charge for helping you with insurance information and enrollment.


What happens: You receive a call from somebody who claims to an "official" and is telling you that you will need a new Medicare card because of the ACA, or you'll lose coverage. Often, they will ask for banking information and your Social Security number.

Why it's a scam: New Medicare cards are not a requirement of the ACA.


What happens: You get a call from somebody offering a "medical discount plan" that meets the minimum coverage requirements, allowing you to avoid being penalized for not having insurance.

Why it's a scam: Medical discount plans are not insurance, but are instead a discount program with certain doctors and pharmacies. Often, they're just an excuse to get your personal information.


What happens: A "government official" calls you to go over your health insurance plan. Typically, they'll ask you to verify personal information such as your Social Security number or even banking information.

Why it's a scam: No government employees will be calling, e-mailing, or texting citizens about health insurance, and they definitely won't be asking for your personal information.

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