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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Tuesday, 3/20/18
JB Pritzker is a candidate for Governor (Democratic primary, 4-year term).
Pritzker winner in Democratic governor race
Democrat J.B. Pritzker has won the Democratic party's gubernatorial race among a field of six candidates.
Jeanne Ives and Bruce Rauner are Republican candidates for Illinois governor
Rauner clings to lead with half of precincts totaled
Candidates for Cook County assessor are, from left, incumbent Joseph Berrios, Fritz Kaegi and Andrea Raila.
Berrios concedes in contentious Cook County assessor's race
Democratic candidates in the 6th U.S. Congressional district all want to win the chance to battle with incumbent Republican Rep. Peter Roskam in November. Democratic hopefuls include Sean Casten, Carole Cheney, Amanda Howland, Ryan Huffman, Kelly Mazeski, Becky Anderson Wilkins and Jennifer Zordani.
Mazeski leads in Congress race to challenge Roskam
Upper from left, Sharon Fairley, Aaron Goldstein, Renato Mariotti, and lower from left, Pat Quinn, Kwame Raoul, Nancy Rotering, Jesse Ruiz are Democrat candidates for Illinois Attorney General
Raoul leads, Harold romps in attorney general races
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