Nicor Gas shares important safety tips to prep for summer

Updated 7/2/2021 9:11 AM

With grill covers coming off and summer officially here, Nicor Gas is sharing key appliance safety tips to help prepare for planned and unplanned events, such as damaging storms that can cut power to your home.

During the summer months and all year long, safety is the top priority for customers, and Nicor Gas offers the following safety tips:


Grilling Safety

July is the peak month for grilling fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. A stationary natural gas grill can help avoid the safety worries associated with portable grills. Customers are encouraged to take precautions when grilling this summer:

• Use a certified natural gas contractor to ensure your natural gas line and grill connection are installed properly and according to building codes. To locate a certified contractor, use our online tool.

• All grills need proper venting and distancing from flammable objects. Position your grill at least 10 feet from flammable objects such as siding, eaves, ceilings, porch rails, overhanging branches or decorative objects.

• When purchasing a grill, be sure to shop for the right type, since stationary natural gas and portable propane grills have different connection equipment.

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Generator Safety

Summer severe weather season is underway, which brings the increased likelihood of power outages. The safest way to supply backup power to your property during an electrical outage is with a natural gas standby generator. Different from portable generators that run on gasoline, natural gas standby or stationary generators operate automatically and can run indefinitely.

To make sure your natural gas generator is ready for storm season:

• Have your standby generator installed by a qualified contractor to ensure all building codes are followed. To locate a contractor, use our online tool.

• Work with your contractor or dealer to size the standby generator correctly to avoid overloads or inadequate power supply. Most dealers have online calculators on their websites.

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