Pastor's third book to benefit rural Tennessee clinic

  • "Spirit Promptings" by Pastor Arne Walker

    "Spirit Promptings" by Pastor Arne Walker

Updated 2/18/2021 10:20 PM

December 2020 marks the release of Pastor Arne Walker's third book (former pastor at Grace Lutheran Church of Lily Lake). The title for this book is "Spirit Promptings."

A highlight of this book is photography by nationally famous nature photographer Ken Jenkins of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Ken shares several pictorial essays as well.


"Spirit Promptings" gets its title because each Public Pulpit (published in The Mountain Press) grows out of his prayer walk. He never sat down and pondered something to write. The book includes over 150 titles.

"Spirit Promptings" is dedicated to Mary Vance, the first Executive Director of Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from this book will go to support the healing ministry of Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic which serves the uninsured working poor of the Sevir County, Tennessee Area. Each patient contributes something towards their care. With a small grant from Thrivent Financial, Pastor Walker will assume all remaining costs in support of this project so that 100% goes to the clinic.

All books may be ordered through Pastor Walker at or (865)607-8636. This includes the previously published books "Even I Will Learn to Dance" and "A Trail Less Hiked.

Pastor Walker has lived in Gatlinburg since 1986 and has served in ministry in 6 states since 1957. He has invested 59 years in an avocation of reaching out to teens removed from their home by the juvenile court. His main area has been the out of doors.

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Our prayers support Medical Director Richard Dew and newly hired Executive Director Deborah Murph as this ministry moves forward.

Dr. Richard Dew has been a faithful volunteer and Medical Director at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic since 2003. He writes:

It is tough to be poor and sick in Tennessee.

We at Mountain Hope have ways to significantly improve not only our patients' survival, but also their quality of life. Too often, however, we are restricted by our patients' lack of insurance as many specialists will not give appointments to our uninsured patients. Medication cost are unaffordable.

For instance, good control of diabetes lessens the chance of heart attacks and kidney failure. Unfortunately, the costs of insulin and other newer diabetic medications run from $300 to $1000 a month. Fortunately, through our patient assistance program, we have been able to obtain from the pharmaceutical companies, these, and other medications at minimal cost to our patients. Last year the retail value of these medications was $800,000.

We have another less well-known service that substantially improves the quality of their lives -- an active office surgery program.

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