CLC welcomes historian to discuss upcoming election

Submitted by the College of Lake County
Updated 9/21/2020 11:13 AM

CLC's Personal Enrichment department has called upon Barry Bradford, award-winning speaker, historian and author to facilitate presentations focusing on the 2020 Presidential election and its outcome.

Bradford has been interviewed by nearly every major media outlet; his work has led to awards from the President, Congress and major civil rights groups; and he is a distinguished lecturer for the Organization of American Historians.


"I developed these programs to give a factual, historical and nonpartisan understanding of the elections and their results," Bradford said. "So often, voters are influenced by confirmation bias. We listen to cable news networks or only read websites that confirm what we already believe."

Bradford's passion for creating change and his belief that every person can affect history drives him to inspire audiences.

The Personal Enrichment department has taken this opportunity to engage the community with an experience to help make sense of the election process in an unbiased and authentic way.

The first of Bradford's sessions will take place Monday, Nov. 2, and will be centered on a preview of the 2020 election results. He will provide an informative preview of the results, along with a state-by-state prediction of the Presidential race.

On Nov. 9, Bradford will host his second session for an insightful analysis into the election results and look ahead to the coming years.

Through these sessions, Bradford promotes the importance of creating a well-informed community while sharing his wisdom as a political prognosticator.

"An informed voter is a smart voter," Bradford said. "By better understanding the big picture of the elections, we can be better citizens, more able to anticipate the direction of our country."

Both of Bradford's presentations will be held via Zoom from 9:30-11 a.m. Cost is $30 to attend. For more information or to register, contact Personal Enrichment at (847) 543-2980 or

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