Silvy: Time is right for Bears to pursue Jim Harbaugh

Enough hardball.

It's time for Har-ball.

Since Mike Ditka left, the Bears have wanted their coaches to conform to the buttoned up ways of Halas Hall. It's no coincidence that the winning also left with Ditka.

Dave McGinnis wanted more money for his assistant coaches, so his hiring fell apart while the media waited for his introductory press conference in 1999. Enter Dick Jauron instead.

The Bears wanted Nick Saban in 2004. And Nick Saban wanted the Bears.

Saban was Jerry Angelo's choice. Problem was, Ted Phillips didn't want to pay him. The Bears hired Lovie Smith.

After Lovie was fired, reigning NFL Coach of the Year Bruce Arians was one of two finalists for the Bears job.

I repeat, he was the reigning coach of the year after stepping in for Chuck Pagano in Indy. During the interview process, Phillips, Phil Emery and the hiring committee wanted Arians to do a mock press conference. Arians just had done several real pressers in Indy as coach while winning games. He was taken aback. The Bears passed and hired laughing stock Marc Trestman.

Halas Hall would always rather hire good boys than good coaches.

The Bears are simply good at losing.

John Fox wasn't Ryan Pace's choice, it was arranged by consultant Ernie Accorsi. Doomed from the start.

Matt and Matt. Nagy and Eberflus.

They'd make great neighbors. Both would shovel your driveway. Neither will win you an important football game.

It's time to get uncomfortable and simply hire a great football coach.

That's Jim Harbaugh.

Wherever he goes, he wins. Wherever he goes, he builds. Wherever he goes, his players love him.

Will you have to put out an occasional fire? OK, grab an extinguisher.

The Bears have had to do that with these losing coaches.

Eberflus fired two assistants for HR violations.

Nagy fired himself twice as offensive coordinator.

Fox had no interest in developing Mitch Trubisky.

Trestman's OC, Aaron Kromer, was a mole for the NFL network.

Remember the FBI gun range incident in the Lovie era?

Blank happens.

When stuff happens with Harbaugh, it's all while he's building a real winner. Deal with it.

When Harbaugh took over the 49ers, San Francisco had fired Mike Singletary and were 6-10. Alex Smith was a first-overall-draft-pick bust. He was 3-7 as the starter in 2010 before Harbaugh with 14 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

In Harbaugh's first season, the 49ers improved by seven games, going 13-3.

Smith reclaimed his career starting every game while throwing for over 3,100 yards with 17 TDs and just five interceptions.

If that wasn't enough, Harbaugh was developing rookie QB Colin Kaepernick at the same time and the following year, Kaepernick led the Niners to a Super Bowl appearance against the Ravens.

Yes, Harbaugh can rectify an inherited QB's career and develop a rookie.

Let him tell you if Fields can work here or if Caleb Williams/Drake Maye are worth the top pick.

Harbaugh knows.

And then there's Michigan, 5-7 the year before he took over, 10-3 in his first year.

Now, he has three straight years of beating Ohio State. No. 1 in this year's playoff.

Instantly better and building for the long term.

Sure an extinguisher was needed this year, but do you think Wolverine fans miss Rich Rodriguez or Brady Hoke?

While the Bears play the Lions on Sunday, Kevin Warren needs to be focusing on the bigger picture. It can't be business as usual.

It's time for Harbaugh.

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