Dietz: Bears' 13th straight loss leaves your head spinning

"Good news, Bears fans: No matter what happens today at Arrowhead, it can't be any worse than what happened to Denver: Dolphins 70 (SEVENTY!), Broncos 20."

That was my tweet at 3:24 p.m. Sunday.

All I can say is, whoops - I spoke too soon.

An hour later, it was clear the clown show that has become the Chicago Bears looked to rival the mind-blowing result in Miami.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes shredded the Bears like he was facing a Pop Warner defense. And that might be an insult to 11-, 12- and 13-year-olds everywhere.

Justin Fields remains lost and DJ Moore - his shiny, new wide receiver - flat-out dropped a long pass late in the first half.

There was a delay of game after a Chiefs score.

Khalil Herbert lost a fumble.

The secondary has no clue. And I mean zero clue.

The defensive line looked like four tackling dummies.

The linebackers were MIA.

Add it all up and you get a 41-10 drubbing that could have been 48-3, 55-3 or 62-3 if Chiefs coach Andy Reid didn't pull Mahomes in the third quarter. Kansas City's lead went from 14-0 to 34-0 in the final three minutes and eight seconds of the second quarter.

Think about that. That's some serious next-level ineptitude.

The Bears (0-3) have lost 13 straight and are 3-17 under the clearly overwhelmed Matt Eberflus.

"I just talked to the players in the locker room about the ability to focus and the ability to fight for each other," Eberflus told reporters. "We've got to keep this thing tight. ... That's the most important thing. There's gonna be a lot of outside noise, as there always is in the NFL. ...

"If the guys keep doing that and keep working, then we're gonna have this thing crack."

Oh, it's cracked all right. As in broken, shattered and seemingly beyond repair.

At this point, we need to take a long look at the coaching staff. Players are regressing and talented veterans like Moore have come in and look nothing like they did on previous teams.

The first postgame question to Eberflus was dead on: "On paper, this team has talent. So what is the coaching staff not doing correctly to bring it out?"

"Yeah, I would just say everyone's got to take a hard look at what they're doing," Eberflus said. "We're in charge of putting our players in position to execute. That's what the coach does - and develop the players at the same time. We've just got to do a better job.

"And it's also on the players because it is a partnership."

Sure is. Just look Mahomes and Reid. The duo is 66-17 with two Super Bowl titles since 2018.

On Sunday, Mahomes completed 20 of 27 passes for 221 yards to eight different receivers - in the first half. He also ran three times for 28 yards.

Fields, meanwhile, was 4-for-10 with an interception and ran twice for 22 yards.

Head-spinning stuff.

Not that we should get too deep into the weeds after that debacle, but two situations should fry your noodle as a fan:

• Trailing 7-0 late in the first quarter, the Bears had a solid drive going after two good runs by Khalil Herbert (7 and 11 yards) and another by Fields (17 yards). Facing third-and-6 from the Chiefs' 36, the Bears should be thinking they've got two plays to pick up the first down.

So run or throw a quick, high-percentage pass.

But no.

Fields drops back, waits too long and is sacked for an 8-yard loss. After a punt, the Chiefs drove 80 yards in 11 plays to go up 14-0.

• On their next possession, the Bears moved to the 47 and faced second-and-7. Fox Sports analyst Greg Olsen - one of the best in the business - noted presnap that the Chiefs were stacking the line. So pass! Instead, Roschon Johnson took the handoff and went nowhere.

What happened to an audible? Or call timeout, something good teams do in the first half when a play likely won't work.

The Chiefs finished with 456 yards, a 6.1-yard average per play and 31 first downs. The Bears had 203 yards, a 3.5-yard average per play and 11 first downs. Oh, and 75 of those yards came on their final drive.

So what's next?

Well, as some sort of cosmic joke, the Bears host the Broncos on Sunday.

Yes, the 70-20 losers (who yielded 726 yards by the way) face the 41-10 losers. And one of them will walk out with a victory.

Or maybe not. Maybe it's a 3-3, 6-6 or 9-9 tie. Or better yet - a scoreless tie.

Because that's what needs to happen with this entire Bears organization - zero it out and start over.

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