Dietz: Time to Bear down -- for real this time

  • One goal for a new Bears coach is developing Justin Fields into a winning quarterback.

    One goal for a new Bears coach is developing Justin Fields into a winning quarterback. Associated Press

Updated 1/12/2022 1:49 PM

So, the Bears are looking for a new coach and general manager.



It's mind boggling how inept the franchise has been when it comes to finding the right people to fill these two positions. There has been a smidgen of success, basically defined as the 2006 and 2007 seasons under Lovie Smith.

Throw 2001 and 2018 in there if you want, but those teams were flawed and not serious Super Bowl contenders.

Back to the drawing board.


To help George McCaskey and his next GM find the correct coach, I've worked up a mock interview. Once they hear responses that mirror these, it's time to throw a contract on the table.

McCaskey: What do you see as the No. 1 change that must occur with our organization?

Answer: The players need to be more disciplined on the field. We will get the most out of their athletic talents. We will put together a fantastic game plans and adjust on the fly. We will manage the clock and get the most out of every second.

But none of it matters if our players are undisciplined. That has been the No. 1 problem the last few years.

This means no false starts. No jumping offsides. No running the wrong routes or covering the wrong receivers. No running past untackled opponents. And above all else -- no more unsportsmanlike/unnecessary roughness/taunting penalties.

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Any player who messes up that last rule will sit the rest of the game. We will make this known the first day of training camp. You don't see top teams giving opponents a free 15 yards time and again.

This will stop the first day I'm coach.

The other miscues will be met with less drastic measures, but make no mistake -- there will be consequences.

There may be some pain at first. In the long run, we will be a well-oiled machine that does not beat itself. This will lead to more victories and more playoff appearances.

McCaskey: What are your thoughts on Justin Fields?

Answer: He is a tremendously talented young man who seems to have the intangibles needed to become a leader. It is clear, however, his confidence took a hit this season.


It will be our job to restore that confidence. We want him to take the field with the same swagger we saw during his time at Ohio State. He's a proven winner and he will win again here.

We can't wait to surround him and David Montgomery with playmaking receivers and a powerful offensive line. We will not only grow his physical skills, but we will make sure he understands every facet of the game. By the end of next season, if not before, we want him calling audibles at the line of scrimmage and directing the offense in ways you can only imagine right now.

McCaskey: What is your overall philosophy?

Answer: A strong team always has strong offensive and defensive lines. Without that foundation, everything else crumbles.

Once we shore that up, we need difference makers at wide receiver. We need a Justin Jefferson, a Tyreek Hill, a Cooper Kupp, a Chris Godwin. We will find them and design a dynamic offense around them.

We need to use the tight end more. This sometimes forgotten position is so critical for a young QB. It also opens up the rest of the field for the aforementioned WRs.

We will bring aboard assistant coaches who understand how to adjust as the game goes on. We won't be the ones reacting; other teams will react to us and we will always stay one step ahead.

McCaskey: What is your vision and hope for the coming years?

Answer: The Bears are broken and have been the better part of the last three decades.

That's sad. This is an NFL charter franchise. It should be a consistent playoff team. A Super Bowl contender more often than not.

We will get there.

Now, make no mistake -- it will not be easy. The roster is nowhere near the caliber of teams like the Packers, Cowboys, Chiefs, Cardinals and Rams.

Considering the lack of draft capital this spring, the next season figures to be rough. But that's OK. We will put in a system and hold everyone accountable during every practice, workout, meeting and especially every game.

No shortcuts.

By Year 2 you'll see marked improvement and we'll compete for a playoff berth.

In Year 3 we will win at least one playoff game.

After that we expect to be a perennial playoff team and will go to multiple Super Bowls. We will dominate the NFC North. We will be a force to be reckoned with every week. Teams will hate playing us.

We will be the Bears of George Halas. The Bears who make this city proud. The Bears who have fans drooling with anticipation every Sunday.

That's my vision.

Hire me and it will happen.

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