4 keys to making better contact with golf ball

There are four keys to repetitively swinging the golf club back and through the ball to make better contact, and to make square solid impact.

The keys are the pre-swing essential elements of stance, posture, spine angle, head and ball position.

Focus on the following tips for the four keys in order to make better contact with the golf ball.

The foundation of the swing is built from the ground up.

1. Stance: The outside width of shoulders should measure up to inside width of your heals.

2. Posture: Stand tall with the width of stance set. Bend out forward from the hips aligning your shoulders vertically with the balls of your feet. Your arms should be hanging down with your fingers over the toe line. Add a slight knee flex creating a relaxed balanced athletic position.

3. Spine angle: Hold your spine firm, fully extended as the body bends forward from the hips, (no slouching). Maintain neck position as an extension to spine.

4. Head and ball position: Keep your chin off your chest about the size of a tennis ball. Hold your head in place, free of tension. Point your chin and aim your eyes on the back of the ball.

Learning the essential elements of the pre-swing are the fundamentals to playing better golf.

Schedule lessons with your local PGA pro and start there.

• Chuck Lynch is director of instruction at Play Better Golf Academy and also teaches lessons at White Pines Golf Club in Bensenville. Visit

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