Imrem: How much longer can Bears wait on Trubisky?

  • Bears QB Mike Glennon throws in the first half Thursday in Green Bay.

    Bears QB Mike Glennon throws in the first half Thursday in Green Bay. Associated Press

Updated 9/29/2017 12:02 AM

Early Thursday, a report surfaced that the Bears intend to not play Mitch Trubisky until late in the season at the earliest.

(I vowed not to use his name until he got into a game but I'm not as good at staying the course as Bears honchos profess to be.)


"Thursday Night Football" at Green Bay probably wasn't a great game for Trubisky to debut because lightning suspended play in the second quarter and rains slopped the field by the time the game resumed.

But the Bears have to give Trubisky a chance sooner than later after their 35-14 loss to the Packers.

"We need to make a lot of changes," Bears coach John Fox said. "We'll evaluate everything. Mitch is a young player."

Bears starting quarterback Mike Glennon was involved in 4 turnovers, including 2 interceptions, that all but decided the outcome.

What the Bears are doing by sticking with Glennon can be characterized as cruel and unusual punishment for their fans.

Can you imagine watching Glennon start 10 or 11 more frustrating games before turning to Trubisky?

Two turnovers in the first 10 minutes at Green Bay were as much as any observer should be asked to endure.

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On one turnover, Glennon was sacked and stripped. The Packers recovered and scored shortly thereafter.

Every quarterback has fumbled while being sacked, but this looks like it'll be common for Glennon.

A big issue in America is what to do with statues. Glennon is one in the pocket and it's time to tear him down, replace him and store him away.

Another turnover wasn't necessarily Glennon's fault. An aborted snap hit him in the knees, the Packers recovered and scored again.

Even if that wasn't entirely Glennon's fault, those things seem to happen to the Bears when he's on the field.

Almost on principle, Glennon threw an interception late in the second quarter and the Packers converted for a 21-0 lead.

Breaths were held waiting to see whether Trubisky would start the third quarter but he didn't.

But Fox can't bear to watch this much longer, can he?


Glennon actually is pretty good except for the turnovers, which is like a dish being delicious except for the taste.

The Bears are convinced that Trubisky isn't ready to play after only 13 college starts, so their plan makes sense: Let Glennon play and the rookie marinate on the bench.

If Trubisky isn't ready to play, why is he the backup? What's the difference between starting a game and coming in if Glennon is injured?

The concern is that playing too soon will shatter Trubisky's confidence. which has to be a consideration.

But John Elway keeps running through my mind. As a rookie in 1983 he started, was pulled, started, was benched ...

Elway played in Soldier Field that season and was battered before going on to be the best quarterback ever.

Of course, Elway was the league's No. 1 overall draft pick and Trubisky was only -- "only" -- No. 2 overall.

Sarcasm aside, nobody can be expected to be another Elway.

All Trubisky has to be is strong-willed enough to survive the hard times and become all that he's supposed to be.

"We have more issues than the quarterback," Fox said.

The Bears can't wait much longer to begin the process.

Or, the Bears being the Bears, maybe they can.

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