North: Why so little coverage of Snyder's Supreme Court win?

Washington NFL owner Daniel Snyder is "thrilled" the Supreme Court ruled unanimously with an 8-0 vote that trademarks can't be blocked by government even if it's considered offensive.

This ruling follows the 2014 cancellation of the team's "Redskins" trademark by a federal judge, and has somewhat vindicated Snyder's efforts to retain the name.

The team name has been considered controversial and disparaging to Native Americans for many years, and the media has pounded the organization and owner for its continued use.

Even with this ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of Snyder, he is not receiving much public credit for his stand. Some are saying that though the ruling supports his right to use the name, there will be a negative social and business impact that might push him to discontinue its use.

Ultimately, that will be Snyder's decision to make, but don't count on it, and I stand by his right to use it.

If he had lost the Supreme Court ruling, I wonder what type of bloodbath would he get from the media? It wouldn't be pretty, and I think the lack of coverage about Snyder's win proves much of the media only reports what they want you to know.

Hey, fake news isn't just in politics and entertainment - it's in sports, too.

Remember the nonsense that the Chicago Bears had to sweeten their offer to obtain Mitch Trubisky with the second pick in the draft because San Francisco general manager John Lynch convinced the Bears other teams were interested in Trubisky? Knowledgeable football writers should never have bought that story, and I'm still waiting to hear which other teams wanted Trubisky.

Earlier in the season, Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones said he was the victim of a racist taunt from fans at Fenway Park and a bag of peanuts was thrown at him. The fan who threw the peanuts was ejected, and there was a flurry of coverage and bad publicity for the city of Boston.

If Jones was taunted by racial comments, that is totally unacceptable. But I am still waiting for some audio or a video to surface supporting his claim because almost everything today is caught on camera.

Guys covering sports usually have an agenda, and mine is to remind you that much of what you hear and read isn't always true, especially on the internet. The 24/7 news cycle seldom keeps a story alive for a week, and if it does, then maybe - just maybe - it's true!

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