Mount Prospect ice cream shop makes special delivery to Air Force One

As President Joe Biden headed back to O'Hare International Airport Wednesday after pitching his infrastructure plan in Crystal Lake, Mount Prospect's Capannari Ice Cream was whipping up a sweet deal of its own for the commander-in-chief.

The ice cream shop had been asked to prepare a special delivery for Biden to enjoy on his return trip.

Capannari left nothing to chance in its preparations. The shop shipped out award-winning flavors Madagascar Vanilla, Decadent Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Black Raspberry Chip, Java Chip and this year's favorite - Mediterranean Sea Salt with Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

Owners Meg Capannari and Katie Dolan Dix then escorted the coveted scoops to Air Force One, confident it would receive the presidential seal of approval.

This wasn't the ice cream shop's first contact with the president.

Dolan Dix said Capannari delivered ice cream to then-Vice President Biden in 2009, when he was visiting Chicago.

"(His staff) knew he loved ice cream," she said. "So they called us and asked if we could supply the ice cream for Air Force Two."

"We got to meet him, and he was wonderful," she added.

Apparently, the ice cream made an equally favorable impression.

"He was in McHenry County last week, and they called again and said, 'We're here. But it's a real tight schedule, so we just need the ice cream brought to the Air Force One,'" Dolan Dix said. "So the timing didn't work out for us to meet him, but we were able to supply him with the ice cream."

To say the ice cream shop rushed into a flurry of activity would be an understatement.

"I knew President Biden loves vanilla ice cream, "Dolan Dix said. "And our vanilla is award-winning. It is to die for. So we sent out 10 scoops of that. And then our signature flavor is Black Raspberry Chip, so we sent that out. And then we sent out what we thought were good flavors that do well in the store. So we were kind of testing the waters with the different flavors."

Dolan Dix said she received confirmation the ice cream was met with satisfaction.

"A friend of mine's son works in D.C. He reported back that it was a huge success, because we supplied it not only to the president, but to the staff on the plane. There were about 30 total people on the plane, "she said.

It was no surprise to Dolan Dix that the Capannari was the president's choice.

"I've always known it's the best. And I can say that, because I don't make it," she said. "My partner Jim Capannari makes it, and he is phenomenal at what he does. So I get to brag about him and what he comes up with, and it's no wonder they're calling him back, because he does a really good job."

President Joe Biden wore a Capannari Ice Cream cap in 2009 when he was vice president. Courtesy of Capannari Ice Cream
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