A look at 148 Glenview businesses that sought federal aid

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    The Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe has reopened its perimeter walk on a limited basis with advance reservations required. Courtesy of Chicago Botanic Garden

Updated 7/9/2020 3:34 PM

JourneyCare and Liability Company Hoogland Foods are among 148 small businesses and nonprofits in Glenview that applied for loans of at least $150,000 through the federal Payroll Protection Program, the U.S. Treasury Department indicated this week.

Those two businesses sought loans in the top tier of the program -- $5 million to $10 million.


The program was approved by Congress this spring as a way to decrease the pandemic's impact on the economy, and the loans become forgivable, in whole or in part, if the employers refrain from cutting jobs.

In other words, for most of the businesses, the money turns into a federal grant, financed by U.S. taxpayers.

Other top tier applicants in the area include the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe and Pinstripes in Northbrook.

The list of applicants released by the government did not reveal the precise amount each business sought, only ranges. Nor did it indicate whether any of the loan applications were rejected.

The amount sought by the 148 Glenview businesses, churches and other nonprofits identified in Monday's federal document release totals somewhere between $59.1 million and $140.8 million.

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Based on the employee counts businesses listed in their applications, the program could spare as many as 8,540 jobs in those 148 Glenview businesses. Several applications did not list a number of workers so the job savings actually could be slightly more.

However, the jobs are not safeguarded once the grant program expires later this fall.

The government also offered loans for less than $150,000, but it is impossible to know how many Glenview businesses sought those. The government so far has refused to identify those smaller-loan applicants; the secrecy is being contested in a lawsuit filed by several news organizations.

In its application, JourneyCare identified itself as a nursing care facility that employs 500 people. Hoogland identified itself as limited service restaurants that employ 500 people.

Six Glenview businesses sought Payroll Protection loans of $2 million to $5 million:

All Ways Auto Transport, 103 workers; American College of Chest Physicians, 109; Dimension Design Inc., 156; Family Guidance Centers, Inc., 413; Fertility Centers of Illinois, 272; and Select PT, OT & SLP Rehabilitaion NY, 454.


Another 18 Glenview businesses applied for loans of $1 million to $2 million:

The Abington of Glenview Nursing and Rehab, 178 workers; The Catholic Bishop of Chicago, 122; CFIT Holding,; Dreamworks Graphic Communications, 65; DRL Enterprises, 48: Evans Scholars Foundation, 74: Fields Jeep, 32; Fraternal Enterprises, 54;

Glenview Terrace Nursing Center, 400 workers; Jennings Chevrolet, 100; L. Marshall, Inc., 36; Lexglen, Inc. 92; March Manufacturing, 55; R.A. Zweig, 111; Republic Tobacco, 100; Ryan Building Group, 86: Top Tobacco, 80; and Vios Global, 126.

Another 34 Glenview employers sought loans to between $350,000 and $1 million, according to the federal documents:

Advance Inpatient Medicine, 29 workers; Bella Baby Glenview, 185; Bethany North Suburban Group, 79; Brodsky Dermatology, 52; CFIT Cook, Inc., 156; CMMS Data Group, 51; Comprehensive Management, 23; DHW & Company, 150;

Glenview Golf Course, 77 workers; Glenview Investors-Hotel, 65; Hackney's on Lake, 200; Institutional Good Packing, 37; Izabella Investment, 170; Jennings Volkswagen, 50; Joseph Mullarkey Distributors, 38;

Kohl Children's Museum of Greater Chicago, 106 workers; LCR Hallcrest, 54; Loren Hyundai, 38; Napleton's Park Ridge Lincoln, 40; NMS Investments, 80; Pappas Contractors, 31; PDQ Enterprises, 37; R.J. Olmen Company, 19;

Ravine Way Surgery Center, 25 workers; Regal Securities, 35; Rosemont Hockey Partners, 40; Silent IT, 29; SMP Holdings, 366; Standard Lumber, 21; Stellar Orthotics & Prosthetics Group, 5; Total Rehab, 35; United Standard Industries, 53; Weiss & Company, 51; and Wesley Child Care Center, 60.

The vast majority of Glenview businesses that were included on the federal list sought loans of $150,000 to $350,000:

1808 Glenview Inc, 46 workers; 33 Restaurant Inc., 50; Acrulic Ventures, Inc. DBAPEASE Plastics, 17; American Energy Technologies, 11; AMj Enterprise Development Group, 21; Argo Translation, Inc., 11; Babbitt Municipalities, Inc., 9; Banister International, 8; Blufish Sushi Bistro, 40; Botti Architectural Services, 18;

C.A.R.S. of America, 7 workers; Carelink Plus, 22; Carriage Hill Kennels, 14; CFIT Collar, 85; Chicago Glaucoma Consultants, 19; CLH Enterprises, 76; Courage to Connect Therapeutic Center, 30; Covenant Medical Group, 0; Current Electrical Contractors, 19; Cy Fredrics II, Inc., 13; Demar Building Maintenance, 50; Design/Craft Fabric Corporation, 19; DND Fire Protection, 16;

Edward R. James Homes, 15 workers; Effective Air, 20; Efficiency Media, 10; Erel's Maintenance, 25; Evolution Risk Partners, 10; Family Doctor/Family Health Care, 21; First GLV, 31; Foal, LLC, 18; Gab IL, Inc., 17; GISO MSO, 24; The Glen Egg Harbor, 41; Glen Medical Associates, 15; Glen Orthodontics, 8; Glen Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, 14; Glenbrook Plumbing, no worker number listed; Glenview Luxury Imports, 15; Global Golf Post, 13; Grandpa's Depot, 33; Grandview Analytics, 8;

Harrisons Poultry Farm, 0 workers; Hillerichs #2 Inc., 14; Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ, 38; Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church of Glenview, 43; Inliten, LLC, 18; Intrinsic Landscaping, 12; Iron Age Glenview, 33; John W Weiss Hardware, 38; KCC Partners, Inc., DBA Always Best Care, 66; LBR Consolidated Building Services, 86;

Mediterranean Brands, 9 workers; Nathani Elite Management Network, 19; NKT Management Inc., 0; North Branch Pizza and Burger Company, 26; North Shore Podiatry, 10; O'Koon Psychology Group, 34; O'Malley's Brothers, Inc., 14; On Stage Enterprises, 30; ONeill Contractors, 20; Onscape, Inc. 11;

Pain Relief Institute, no worker number listed; Poko Loko Day Nursery, 0; Prime Time Marketing, 9; Quick Kill Exterminating, 22; R.H. Witt Heating & Sheet Metal, 22; Radiological Consultants of Woodstock, 9; Rascher Medical Solutions, 11; Richard Group, 20;

SBS Glenview, 24 workers; Schloss Company, 34; Solutions Financial Mortgage, 27; St. Catherine Laboure/Catholic Bishop of Chicago, 37; Starting Line, Inc., 63; Stonecutters, Inc., 20; Superior Optical Service, 11; Systegration, Inc., 11; Team DHW, 0; Triple X Transport, 14;

U.S. Law Group, 15 workers; Valley Lodge Corp, 28; Walker Bros West, 46; Walsh Consulting Group, 14; William H. Leahy Associates, 10; Woodrow Development, no worker number listed; Youth Services of Glenview-Northbrook, 28; and Zion Cloud Solutions, 4.

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