Kathleen Carrier: Candidate profile

  • Kathleen Carrier Democrat candidate for State Representative 42nd District

    Kathleen Carrier Democrat candidate for State Representative 42nd District

Posted10/12/2018 1:00 AM


Name: Kathleen Carrier


City: Carol Stream

Website: www.votecarrier4rep.com

Twitter: @carrier4D42

Facebook: facebook.com/carrier4rep/

Party: Democrat

Office sought: State Representative, District 42

Age: 62

Family: I am married to Randy. Collectively, we have 5 children and 10 grandchildren

Occupation: Family caregiver

Education: COD, Associate's degrees in; Management, Marketing and Fashion Merchandising. National-Louis University, Bachelor of Science in Management

Civic involvement: Volunteered at DuPage PADS, Former board member of the Y.W.C.A. DuPage District, 4-H lead/ helper, Church Council

Elected offices held: Former Chair-Wayne Township Democratic Organization, precinct committeeman.

Questions & Answers

Would you vote to approve a graduated income tax? If so, what qualifiers would you impose and where would you set the brackets? What would the top tax rate be?

The flat tax system we currently have is working quite well for the superrich. What we need to do is look at changes to the system that would be fairer to the middle-class and working poor. There are numerous details to work out. In order to do that, we need everyone who is serious, to come to the table to work toward a solution.

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How big a problem is the level of property taxation in Illinois? If you view it as a problem, what should be done about it?

As I walk the district knocking on doors, one of the top issues, most talked about, is property taxes and how problematic it's becoming. Property taxes are very burdensome, particularly for middle-class families and the working poor. Therefore, I would support efforts to freeze property taxes. However, we should also consider taking it a step further by expanding exemptions to our middle-class families, seniors and veterans, while remaining mindful of the potential impact on our local municipalities.

What is your evaluation of Gov. Rauner's job performance? Please specify what you view as its highs and lows.

My evaluation of Gov. Rauner's job performance: I am disappointed.

What is your evaluation of Speaker Michael Madigan's (President John Cullerton's) job performance? If you voted for him for speaker (president) in the last legislative session, please explain your vote.

Rather than allowing special interest groups to make every race about the fight between the governor and the speaker, we should be focused on the issues. I'm running to freeze/cut property taxes, protect women's healthcare and support our veterans and senior citizens.

Should there be term limits for legislative leaders? If so, what would you do to make that happen? What other systemic changes should be made to strengthen the voice of individual legislators, limit the control of legislative leaders, encourage bipartisanship?

Term limits is something I would be willing to discuss. However, we need to consider the unintended consequents of imposing term limits. We lose intellectual property and we risk putting special interest lobbyists in a position to sway policy. In all actuality, we already have term limits. It's called elections, the power of your vote.

How concerned should we be about Illinois' population loss? What needs to be done to reverse the trend?

We should all be concerned about our population loss. As stated, we need to address the high property tax issue. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for young people to purchase a home due to the property tax burden. We need to find ways to attract businesses, which will create job growth and boost the economy. This can happen, in part, by having a well-educated, well trained work force.


Please provide one example that demonstrates your independence from your party.

Once elected, I know I am representing all of the residents of the district. Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Libertarian and the people who are not engaged with the political process. I will be the voice of the district, for the district.

What other issues are important to you as a candidate for this office?

Equal pay for equal work. Women should not be paid less than their male counterparts for doing the same job. College affordability. College graduates should not be saddled with crushing student loans and in many cases find themselves underemployed after graduation. Educational choices. We need to enhance vocational training.

In addition, here a few questions meant to provide more personal insight into you as a person:

What's the hardest decision you ever had to make?

Everyone will be faced with hard decisions at some point in their lives, whether it be personal, professional or political. The lessons we learn through the decision process will contribute to who we are as a person and will assist in any other difficult decision we will face.

Who is your hero?

Mother Teresa. Her selflessness was awe-inspiring. She truly exemplified what it is to work for the betterment of humankind. Lessons we can all learn from.

Each amendment in the Bill of Rights is important, but which one of those 10 is most precious to you?

Number 1: Freedom of speech. "The freedom of speech, assembly and association are the foundation of democracy."

Let your voice be heard by voting.

What lesson of youth has been most important to you as an adult?

My parents taught me to always try your best. Work hard and be honest.

Think back to a time you failed at something. What did you learn from it?

When you fall short of your goal, any goal, you need to evaluate your methodology and the decisions you made, then correct your course. Keep working to attain your goals.

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