8 tips for enjoying Morton Arboretum's Troll Hunt

So you've heard all about the new Troll Hunt exhibit at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle and you're thinking it might be worth a trip this summer.

Well, first, you're right: It's going to be one of the hot tickets of the season. The arboretum at 4100 Route 53 has had numerous outdoor art exhibits in recent years and the six trolls designed by Danish artist Thomas Dambo are as cool or cooler than anything that has come before.

Before you head out, though, here are some quick tips to make your visit more enjoyable:

• Be prepared to walk — and drive. Unlike most of the arboretum's recent exhibits, which tended to be bunched within a fairly easy stroll of the Visitors Center, these trolls are spread across the 1,700-acre outdoor museum. Yes, one of the trolls is in the Visitors Center parking lot and a second is within an easy walk. But only the most hardy are going to be able to reach all the others on foot, so be prepared to get back in your car.

• Get a map. Yeah, yeah, we know arboretum regulars think they'll be able to find these creatures on their own, but trust us on this, you'll be happy you have a map.

• Bring bug repellent. The combination of lots of woods and lots of recent rain has turned the arboretum into a smorgasbord for mosquitoes.

• Arrive early. This is good advice for almost any arboretum activity, but based on this weekend's turnout, the trolls are going to be really popular and you'll want to stay ahead of the crowds.

• Plan to leave with some wet feet. With all the recent rains parts of the arboretum grounds — including areas around some of the trolls — are a little soggy. Also be aware that portions of Route 53 between Butterfield Road and the arboretum are known to flood after heavy rains. That portion of the road was closed, for example, on Saturday morning.

• Follow the signs — mostly. The arboretum has installed small signs to alert you when you're approaching the trolls and where to park. But a word of caution: One of the signs on the west side near the daffodil glade points you in a direction that will take you on a much more circuitous route to find the troll than you really need to take.

• The trolls are ideal for kids to climb on — especially the fellow sprawled out in the west side meadow — and perfectly willing to pose for pictures. Snap away.

• Pace yourself. It's going to take a couple hours to find and enjoy all the trolls, so don't come if you're in a hurry. And don't forget to soak up some of the surrounding natural wonders that always make the arboretum a special place.

Troll Hunt

<b>Where:</b> Morton Arboretum, 4100 Route 53, LIsle

<b>When:</b> 7 a.m. to sunset

<b>Cost:</b> Arboretum admission of $15 for adults, $13 for seniors and $10 for children 2-17

<b>Info:</b> <a href=""></a>

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