Hoffman Estates High School

<h3 class="breakHead">Number of graduates in Class of 2020: 451</h3>

<h3 class="breakHead">Graduation speaker: Saagar Patel</h3>

<h3 class="breakHead">Senior Top GPA Award (4.0 unweighted): Jason Wuerffel, Nicholas Johnson, Mihir Kadiwala, Simeon Georgiev, Ashish Subramanian, Ritika Prasad, Parita Shah</h3>

<h3 class="breakHead">Academic Scholars: Momina Alam, Arriane Jodee Capati, Andrew Choi, Ariana Correia, David Fedaravicius, Simeon Georgiev, Safa Hafiz, Fiona Holloman, Alexander Hwang, Anthony Inforzato, Nicholas Johnson, Haley Jo Jurewicz, Mihir Kadiwala, Jack Keil, Spencer Knapp, Blake Koppen, Amiyah Moore, Katelynn Nguyen, Anuj Patel, Saagar Patel, Annamalai Perianan, Ritika Prasad, Graciela Ruiz, Inka Rzezinowska, Naomi Satoh, Parita Shah, Ashish Subramanian, Osman Syed, Jason Wuerffel</h3>

<h3 class="breakHead">Class President: Brianna Venegas</h3>

<h3 class="breakHead">Athletic achievements: </h3>

• Male Athlete of the Year Award: Nate Fisher

• Female Athlete of the Year Award: Janae Dean

• Rita Sansonetti Award: Darshan Desai and Hannah Trousdalel

• Senior 3-Sport Athlete Award: Nate Fisher, Patricia Wadas, Mybel Macaranas

<h3 class="breakHead">Extracurricular achievements: Business Professionals of America state results: Pooja Khatri - 1st Place in Fundamental Accounting and Financial Math Analysis; Ishan Patel - 1st Place in Fundamental Spreadsheet.</h3>

• HEHS Parliamentary Procedures Teams placed 1st (Stephanie Baranov, Kinjal Chaudhari, Brandon Kim, Armaan Patel, Meera Patel, Sagaar Patel, Isha Shah, Parita Shah) and 2nd (Meghna Desgupta, Kyorin Koo, Shravi Kothari, Cadan Nakai, Rahil Patel, Anushree Raol, Hamnah Razzak, Khatija Syeda).

<h3 class="breakHead">Homecoming King and Queen: Will Lawson and Angie Ramirez</h3>

<h3 class="breakHead">Homecoming Theme: It's All Fun and Games</h3>

<h3 class="breakHead">Theater Productions: "She Kills Monsters," "Chicago"</h3>

<h3 class="breakHead">What was new for the Class of 2020: New football field; updated restrooms; new media center</h3>

<h3 class="breakHead">Principal's reflections on the class of 2020: Class of 2020, when you look back on your high school graduation, and you WILL, more, I would suspect, than any other class that has come before you, what will you most remember? Will it be the global pandemic? The e-learning? The social-distancing and mask-wearing? Maybe, but more than even that, I hope you'll remember the way you were prepared ... you had a plan, you had been getting ready, and when it mattered most, you rose to the challenge. I hope you'll remember the importance of community, both the community you helped create during your time at HEHS, and the difference you made in the lives of those you loved at a time when they needed you most. And I hope you'll never forget the courage with which you faced really difficult circumstances, choosing to see the promise and rising above the pain to create something really beautiful in its wake. Class of 2020, you've endured more than many of us in a lifetime, and have already proven yourselves worthy not just of a successful high school completion and the diploma you receive today, but of being the kind of resilient, gifted individuals who make their mark on the world. You don't need to walk across a stage today to start your journey on making the world a better place. You already have. Congratulations, Class of 2020.</h3>

- Principal Joshua Schumacher

  Hoffman Estates High School graduation sign. Joe Lewnard/
The Class of 2020 at Hoffman Estates High School in Hoffman Estates. Courtesy of Hoffman Estates High School
  Graduate Sanjana Rastogi smiles as her family drives by a long line of teachers and staff as Hoffman Estates High School holds a senior send-off parade for its Class of 2020 in the school's parking lot. Rick West/
  Hoffman Estates High School held a senior send-off parade for its Class of 2020 in the school's parking lot Wednesday. Rick West/
  Senior Alex Hwang smiles at teachers as he and his family drive through the Hoffman Estates High School senior send-off parade in the school's parking lot. Rick West/
Saagar Patel was a senior speaker during Hoffman Estates High School's 2020 virtual graduation ceremony. YouTube Video Screenshot
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